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Using a Smartphone makes you smarter • ENTER.CO

Contrary to popular belief, using a Smartphone makes you smarter. Or at least improve your memory. This was concluded by a recent study of which we have all the details.

The belief regarding smartphones is that they make us lazy, insensitive and even dumb. However, in a recent study, a group of scientists challenged this belief and showed that Smartphones are actually allies of our brains and help improve memory. This means that phones have a positive influence on our lives in general. In fact, the Ibero-American Telecommunications Organization maintains that there are more telephones than people in the world. This is something we’ve been talking about for a few years now, and it’s been the catalyst for the debate about whether its influence is positive or negative.

From a cognitive point of view, researchers at the University College London They concluded that the use of digital devices, such as smartphones, can improve the performance of our memory. For this study, 158 volunteers between the ages of 18 and 71 were followed up. As a result, it was shown that the absence of prejudices about the mind is absolute. The task was simple, using their phone they were shown up to 12 numbered circles on the screen. They had to remember to drag to the left or to the right, according to the value indicated in these circles.

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Each of the participants had to do this test 16 times using their device. The scientists tabulated the results and found that memory improved with the high values ​​by 18%, while the low value circles represented an improvement of up to 27%. With these results, the scientists concluded that using a Smartphone helps us remember the information that we store on each device, but also allows them to help us remember things that were not even in those notes.

Image: Thom Holmes on Unsplash

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