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used fiberglass pools

If you intend to have a club indoors, the best option is to install a swimming pool in your backyard. This way, you and your family can take delicious baths in fresh, clean water and still have beautiful, tanned skin with all the comfort and privacy. Among the various types of pools, the best is the one made of fibers, as its installation is easy and fast and can have different formats. But if you don’t have a lot of money at the moment, there is an option to buy used fiberglass pools🇧🇷 Find out where:

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Great prices for fiberglass pools, these are eye-popping deals

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used fiberglass pools

At the Free marketwe found an unmissable offer that contains a fiberglass pool whose length is 4.00mt, width 2.00mt and depth 1.00m; and this is a SELF-SUPPORTING pool, that is, it is self-supporting by itself with its own weight + water weight + people WITHOUT THE NEED FOR LANDLOAD. All of this is being sold for R$1,500.00. The seller is from Rio de Janeiro and shipping is not included. To contact him, click here.

Used fiberglass pools 1

Choose your used fiberglass pool well and have fun with your family (Photo: Reproduction)

And if you prefer the bean model fiberglass pool, there is an ad on trovit.com.br one with a capacity of 2,800 Liters. According to the seller, who is from Sumaré/SP, the pool is in perfect condition and is being sold because it will be replaced by a larger one. Its price is R$ 1,618.90 and must be paid in cash. Shipping is free up to a distance of 150 km from ground zero in São Paulo. See the ad here.

On the website of OLX, one is being announced used fiberglass pool measuring 6m long X 3.4m wide X 1.4m deep for R$3,580. The amount can be paid in installments and the owner accepts exchanges. To contact the seller, click here.

used fiberglass pool

Pool that fits the family and also friends for that barbecue

Take advantage of the fiberglass pools advertised by the websites above and buy yours to make your backyard cooler, more beautiful and more fun. Thus, you and your family will live wonderful days in crystalline and fresh waters. For this, contact the sellers of the used fiberglass pools to check which one fits best in your backyard and in your pocket.

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