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USB condoms What is it and how do they work?

What are USB condoms? When you have the urge to charge your cell phone and you can’t find a power outlet nearby, you will surely think about the option of connecting it to a computer. Well, this action could put you in trouble due to a possible leak or vulnerability of your information. For this, a device was created that will help you avoid malware or other viruses.

With the widespread use of electronic devices, it is increasingly necessary to take cybersecurity measures. Companies continually take steps to secure the information that rests in the cloud. One of these developments has to do with a small device that has been called “USB condoms” that serves to protect cell phones at the time of connection with unreliable computers and that could be infected with computer viruses.

Currently, the vast majority of charging cables now have a USB port at one of their ends that facilitates the connection to charge or to transfer information to computers. In case of not getting a close connection, a computer can be useful to load, however, doing it on an unknown computer could expose the information to the action of malware or a computer virus.

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How does the USB condom work?

Better known as a USB data blocker, this device is in charge of blocking file transfers and allowing only electricity to pass through to charge the battery. So placing the “condom” blocks the data pins that the USB port has and only power will flow. That is, this mechanism will not affect the charge of the cell phone. With this, the only result will be that when connecting the cell phone to the computer it will be like doing it to a power outlet. Companies concerned about information security offer this type of device for prices of around 40,000 and 70,000 pesos.

Image: Andreas Haslinger on Unsplash

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