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Urinal Drain Measurements

How tall should a urinal be?

In each and every one of the cases, they are located so that the very lower edge of the urine receptacle is located at a distance of 70 cm from the ground and 40 cm for people with disabilities or children. These heights are due to the fact that the urinal is designed to be used in a standing position.

How do waterless urinals work?

It is a device that does not use water as for the evacuation of urine; however, it is connected to the drain so as to allow waste to exit. It has a mechanism that allows liquids to be defecated without the return of bad odors.

How tall should a urinal be?

How tall does a urinal have to be?
40 cm – It is recommended to put urinals up to the floor, since they are equipment for people of any height. Otherwise you have to put at least one with the area of ​​use at a height between 30 and 40 cm. Similar models should be used where the distance between the rear wall and the front edge is at least 35 cm.

What parts are used to install a urinal?

How tall does a urinal have to be?
The main ones are:

  • Flushometer.
  • anchors.
  • Anchor bolts.
  • couplers.
  • Water dosing valve.
  • Drain grate.
  • Deodorant template.
  • Special cartridge for ecological urinals.

How does a dry urinal work?

How do waterless urinals work?
unfriendly urinal
Its function is similar to a traditional urinal, with the difference that water is not used to dispose of urine residues. The urine flows from the walls of the urinal by gravity towards a special trap that is installed in the lower part of the neuralgic center of the urinal.

How many liters of water does a dry urinal save?

Dry urinals, an innovative and ecological system to save water. Installed at the INTI headquarters, each one of the dry urinals allows saving up to 100,000 liters of water per year.

How to deliver maintenance to unfriendly urinal?

How do waterless urinals work?
In order for a urinal to always be kept in optimum condition throughout its useful life, the following is recommended:

  1. Do not spill solvents.
  2. Do not spill thinner.
  3. Do not spill white spirit.
  4. Do not spill gasoline.
  5. No littering.
  6. Not spit.
  7. Do not throw away cigarette butts.
  8. Do not use powdered cleaner for cleaning.

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