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Uranus retrograde 2022 will affect 4 zodiac signs the most

Uranus is the planet that makes us rebellious and causes unexpected changesnow that its retrograde in Taurus has started, it will move some things in our financial structures and values, however, not all of us will feel its effects in the same way.

Being an outer planet, its impact is gradual and even imperceptible for some signs, however, others will experience a cosmic jolt. According to astrologers, fixed modality signs are the most affected by transforming the foundations on which they have built some things in their lives.

Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius not only they will be able to perceive internal changes, but they will notice that external aspects will also be transformed. Next, we tell you what these signs will feel during the retrograde transit of Uranus from August 24 to January 22, 2023.

You will go through major changes during this time. Your practical energy will be focused on helping others and volunteering. However, you should not lose yourself in the needs of others, you will also have to focus on your own, according to YourTango.com in an article.

You will start to feel more confident about yourself, which will allow you to know your deepest being. This means that you will find a higher purpose beyond the mundane things. The spiritual awakening will be magical, you just have to let yourself go and rely on your instincts.

It is possible that he feels unbalanced, not for himself, but for others. Ironically, it is the sign that will be least affected by the retrograde transit of Uranus, however, seeing that everyone experiences a change will be anxious because nothing will happen with him.

As Uranus traverses the grounds of its retrograde the creative energy of Aquarius will be sensitized. It is the perfect time to find a balance between mind and heart, and express it creatively. If you focus this resource on your work you will be able to have better results.

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