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Up to BRL 3,000 in loans will be released for Caixa TEM users

Beneficiaries of Emergency Aid will be able to make loans through the Caixa Tem app, the initial amounts will be only R$ 100.00 and R$ 300.00 for low-income families.

This new measure is aimed at assisting families who will not receive Emergency Aid after it ends in November 2021. Therefore, the amounts at the beginning will be lower than expected so that no one is trapped in debt.

What this article covers:

When will the loan be released?

At first glance, the only prediction for the loan to be released will take a few months, as it possibly replaces Emergency Aid. Caixa Econômica aims to keep Caixa Tem active, without letting entire families lose these values.

loan objectives

The main objective of Caixa Econômica, according to the vice-president of the bank, is to grant a loan to low-income families who are in an extremely delicate moment, mainly due to the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Source/Reproduction: Portal Caixa Tem

All loan procedures can be carried out through the Caixa Tem application, so that the beneficiary does not have to leave the house to find an agency.

Credit lines

There is a proposal that remains in the study phase, to be released or not. It would be one of Caixa’s objectives to release loan amounts between R$ 1,500.00 to R$ 3 thousand.

Like any loan, there will be some criteria that will be established and that depend on the family income, as well as the credit analysis. Exactly, in the last option, how it works in banks to apply for a loan.

box has

The app was created in April 2020, so that beneficiaries could receive the values ​​of the Emergency Aid installments. A completely digital account filled with tools to help citizens perform easily.

Beneficiaries who received Emergency Aid last year and who in 2021 stopped receiving it, can still access it in the Caixa Tem app and make use of it if they feel the need to send money there through the PIXfor example.

It is worth remembering that in this application you can make payments for online purchases, in physical stores, bank slips and other accounts.

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