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up to BRL 2,500 reais for negatives

In times of little money, some people need to resort to loans. However, applying for this type of credit can be a challenge for those whose name is dirty, as it prevents them from having the amounts to settle their debts.

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What are the criteria for negatives to get Serasa loans?

Payments can be divided into up to 12 installments, with interest of 12.9% per month. If for some reason the applicant has a dirty name, a credit analysis will be carried out and even the client’s partner must give acceptance.

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This request can be made by cell phone, so if Serasa loans are made by telephone, it will be possible to place it as payment guarantee. It then means that if the person does not comply with the payments, the cell phone will be blocked and he will not be able to access any other function.

However, if you correctly pay the loan made by Serasa, the unlocking will be done immediately. This will only occur if the stipulated period of 12 months comes to an end and the debt remains active. From the moment the installments are paid on time, it will be possible to use your cell phone.

It is good to point out that Serasa admitted a new way to apply for a loan, which benefits all negative CPFs. The credit line can be requested through the internet and the values ​​can vary from R$ 250 to R$ 2,500.

How to apply for the Serasa Ecred loan?

You will need to access the Serasa eCred, provide some information, stating the reason for the loan, the intended amount and payment terms. The site will give a variety of offers or credit cards, according to each person’s profile. To date, Serase eCred has released approximately R$506 million in loans.

There are a range of options for borrowing, ranging from payroll, personal and even the possibility of guaranteeing some good, in the case of vehicles or cell phones. Serasa opted for this type of modality, as it wants to democratize access to credit and help with offers for all people, regardless of their needs.

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