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Unpublished! Mayeli Alonso infuriates and throws a member of “Rica, famous and Latina” into the sea | VIDEO

The sixth season of the controversial series “Rica, famosa, latina” came to an end. Kimberly Flores, Sandra Vidal, Mariana González, Luzelba Mansour, Marcela Iglesias and Marcela Iglesias participated in this edition. mayeli alonsoand wow, the final scene has given a lot to talk about.

And it is that it is no secret to anyone that Mayeli Alonso gives her life for her children and at the beginning of this season she made it clear that she would not stand for them to insult, mention or make any reference to the children she had with Lupillo Rivera.

Well, she assured that they can mess with her and say what they want, but they are not her children, however, Marcela Iglesias ignored this warning and ended up in the sea.

After a night of drinking and girls where they all ended up beaten and fighting, Mariana González did not cancel the yacht ride she had organized to celebrate Sandra Vidal’s birthday.

For this reason, she wanted to smooth things over with everyone and asked that, being the last activity they did together, they would leave their problems behind and enjoy the ride in the Mexican waters.

Everything seemed to be going perfectly Mayeli even apologized to Sandra Vidal and they both shook hands to start their friendship from scratch and leave the fights behindbut before this Marcela Iglesias began to claim Lupillo Rivera’s ex-wife, nonsense things for which they all assured that it was neither the time nor the place.

After this, Marcela spoke with Luzelba and the Argentine assured that Mayeli does everything to leave her children abandoned because she loves the partyThis information reached the ears of Jenni Rivera’s ex-sister-in-law and things did not end well.

And it is that, without thinking about things, Mayeli got up from her seat enraged and went to where Marcela was and with a big push threw her into the sea which caused the screams and concern of all the other “Rich, famous, Latinas” .

“Learn not to mess with your children”Mayeli Alonso shouted as a warning to all her companions.

Faced with this situation, they all asked for the support of the production so that they would jump into the water and turn on the light and thus be able to save Marcela Iglesias who was in the sea.

While everyone waited for Marcela to come out of the sea, Luzelba went to look for Mayeli to claim what she had done because she assured that those were not the ways, however, Alonso was neither worried nor regretful.

The chapter ended, however, It was not seen if Marcela managed to get out of the sea unharmed after Mayeli Alonso’s push so it is expected that there will be another season to find out how the celebration of Sandra Vidal’s birthday ended.

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