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Unlock the car with a ring – new invention from Fidesmo

Fintech player Fidesmo launches a service that enables car drivers to unlock the car with their ring. First version offers support for Tesla. Fidesmo, which wants to facilitate a seamless everyday life, now looks forward to seeing Fidesmo Car Keys used by more car brands.

Swedish Fidesmo, which enables contactless payments and services through wearables and mobile phones, is now releasing its latest service that will simplify everyday life for modern car drivers. With Fidesmo Car Keys, it becomes possible to unlock the car with its ring. Fidesmo is thus the first in the world to collect both payments and car keys on one and the same platform.

– Why carry around a wallet, mobile phone and car keys when you can collect everything in one and the same ring? The advantages of collecting one’s life in a connected accessory are many, but above all it is a great freedom to be able to get around in everyday life completely contactless and without pressing buttonssays Mattias Eld, CEO and founder of Fidesmo.

Planning to add more features

The first car brand to be integrated with Fidesmo Car Keys is Tesla, where their drivers can now easily and securely connect their Tesla car with a connected ring from, among others, Swedish Tapster. The next step for Fidesmo is to allow more car manufacturers to connect to Fidesmo Car Keys. Fidesmo also plans to add even more possibilities for a contactless and flexible everyday life, from payment to driving.

– Tesla has already understood that it must be easy for car drivers to get around in everyday life. Therefore, it feels right to enable Fidesmo Car Keys for their drivers. We hope this will be the starting point for a new standard, where contactless is the new normal. Because quite honestly, aren’t the days of the classic car keys over? says Matthias.

Fidesmo Car Keys is now available for all Tesla drivers with the latest car models to start using. On the Swedish market, Fidesmo Car Keys is launched together with Swedish Tapster. The new service Fidesmo Car Keys is now also possible for more accessory manufacturers to add to their offer.

– We are very happy to be able to offer Fidesmo Car Keys on our payments at Tapster. It’s another step towards reducing people’s dependence on wallets, cards, keys and even the phonesays Ludvig Scheja, co-founder and Creative Director at Tapster.

– It’s a way to improve the user experience all the way, so you don’t have to be tied to your mobile phone and struggle with passwords and button presses. We look forward to enabling more collaborations for a contactless everyday life in 2023, concludes Mattias.

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