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Unique service for recruitment breaks growth records

Gritify offers a unique service for recruitment. In 2022, the tech company doubled the number of job candidates on its platform.

– Our service opens up completely new opportunities for recruiting companies, says Carl-Magnus Fernqvist, CEO at Gritify.

Launched in 2020, Gritify offers a unique way for companies and job candidates to find each other. In 2022, Gritify doubled the number of candidates on its platform, from 10,000 to over 20,000 people.

The candidates who create a profile on the platform are not actively looking for a new employer, but are open to new career opportunities if they get the right offer. Only when a recruiting company finds the perfect profile is the candidate contacted, who then immediately knows that his or her requirements are 100 percent met by the company.

– Our service is unique because both candidates and recruiting companies enter the process with the right expectations right from the start. Both parties find exactly what they are looking for, says Carl-Magnus Fernqvist.

All profiles are anonymous. It gives the companies optimal conditions to make a professional and objective assessment.

– It also gives the candidates control over the information. Whoever creates a profile does not have to worry about the current employer seeing it.

In a traditional recruitment process, companies spend a lot of time and money finding candidates who are both qualified and open to changing employers.
– It is difficult because many of the labor market’s most sought-after individuals enjoy their jobs. They are not particularly interested in reading ads and constantly updating their resumes.

But by creating a profile with Gritify, candidates can take part in relevant job inquiries and at the same time be passive.
– With Gritify, it is the jobs that seek the candidates, not the other way around. This opens up completely new opportunities for companies to find competent personnel, and as Gritify’s database grows, so do the matches.

The influx of candidates is in line with the high expectations.
– 2022 looked very good and the number of candidates on the platform has increased exponentially since Gritify started. We believe that the positive development will continue in 2023, concludes Carl-Magnus Fernqvist.

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