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The INSS acronyms constitute a reduced way of giving meaning to the many types of benefits offered by the institution. This coding practice can cause real headaches for Brazilians when faced with a document full of acronyms.

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It is not part of our custom to deal with so many acronyms, so we risk not understanding that there are rights guaranteed to us, simply because we do not understand how they are translated in the documents.

It is important that you know the main ones, so that you can ensure your rights without getting complicated.

What this article covers:

Why does the INSS use Acronyms?

If, on the one hand, the average Brazilian suffers from the multiplication of acronyms, which can be seen as an unnecessary complication, on the other hand, there are public employees of the INSS, who need these codifications to facilitate their work, which are inherently

bureaucratic due to the intense demand for benefits in Brazil.

What do the main INSS acronyms mean?

Since most of us don’t work with this, we are under no obligation to know each of the acronyms. However, it is very valid to know which are the main ones, after all, these terrible codes represent real benefits to the lives of all Brazilians.

Below is a basic breakdown and the meaning of each of the INSS acronyms.


It is the social security agency, which provides services related to assistance (illness, accident, imprisonment) and retirement (by age, disability), in addition to death pension and wages during maternity.


Refers to the registration of the natural person. It is a record so that the person is able to receive any benefits.


Acronym for the guaranteed benefit when an accident at work occurs, namely, the type that can prevent the employee from carrying out the activity in a way that he does not lose his job or salary.


This register is different from the CAT. Specific to the INSS.


National register of social information, also called social security extract. It informs about the worker’s work and social security connections.


It’s the workbook and welfare?? It is documentary evidence of the worker’s “life”, in order to make him/her liable to receive future work-related benefits.


Contribution time certificate. This document is directly linked to the calculation of retirement.


Board of Social Security Resources. This institution ensures fair judgment of possible conflicts between the insured and the INSS.


Based on this document, the amount of the FGTS (Senior Severance Indemnity Fund) is collected. Through this means, it is possible to obtain information on employment relationships and wages of all kinds.


Although this acronym has a very common meaning and is used on a daily basis, in the context of INSS benefits it means Social Security Guide. Through this document, the INSS collects payments from taxpayers.


The “mother” of all acronyms, it is the largest institution of social benefits. It’s the National Institute of Social Security.


It is the board that judges appeals (from judgments whose sentences have already been issued) of conflicts of a social security nature.


Benefit number. It serves to individually identify the insured person before the INSS.


Worker identification number. As the name suggests, it serves to identify the worker. But this number is restricted to the self-employed, that is, without a formal contract.


It is an alternative benefit payment, which can be activated or reactivated after the monthly payroll is paid. This service receives some criteria to be allowed.


One of the most well-known acronyms is the Social Integration Program. It is the money that comes from companies, deposited in a fund so that the worker can enjoy the benefits of a possible unemployment insurance, for example.


The Request for Reconsideration is the formalization of a disagreement that the worker may have about a medical evaluation.


This is the Social Security System. It is the great right that encompasses all others listed by law, translated in all acronyms.


Disability benefit monitoring system. It is related to the expertise carried out by the INSS when the worker requests such labor benefit.

Although there are many acronyms, they are all part of a benefit scheme. So check each one as needed. Be sure to know the main ones so you don’t leave your rights behind.

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