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understand how to redeem credits

Above all, on October 17, 2021, consumers who have any amount available to be redeemed on the São Paulo Invoice, and fail to redeem within 12 months, will have the amounts automatically cancelled.

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So, the credits are active for a period of one year and can be used at any time, in addition to having a minimum transfer amount of BRL 0.99. Note that this change was made official in Law 17,293, on October 16, 2020, created by João Doria, current governor of the state of São Paulo.

What this article covers:

Who can redeem credits on the Paulista invoice?

First, people registered in the Nota Fiscal Paulista will be able to redeem the amounts. This program was created in 2007 to encourage consumers to demand the tax document at the time of purchase. From this, it would be necessary to wait for the balance that accumulated over the years to be able to redeem it.

It will be necessary to pay attention to some issues that are important specifically for those people who, when buying a product, do not fail to inform the CPF to the cashiers.

How to redeem credits on the Paulista invoice?

The doubt that arises over time is: how to redeem the credits from the Paulista Invoice? This type of rescue is very simple and fast, that is, it takes about two minutes or less to access the sites mentioned below.

city ​​hall website

To access your account, go to the Nota Fiscal Paulista website to fill in all your information regarding the login and password, you will then need to authenticate the verification and access.

Select the Checking Account option and choose the Use Credits option. Next, you will need to choose how the balance should be used, that is, it is important to choose Credit in a Checking Account or Credit in a Savings Account. Note that this balance can be used to settle IPVA amounts.

Make the bank transfer and at a later time, all the information about your account will appear on the screen and the field in which you must fill in the total amount of the transfer you want. From this point, just click Confirm. On the last screen, confirmation of the redemption of credits will appear, if your data are correct, proceed with the transfer.


Above all, to redeem the balance of the Paulista Invoice via cell phone, you will need to access the account with your CPF or CNPJ with your password entered in the registration act, and access the account.

Go to the menu in the left corner of the application and click on Extract. In this new screen, there will be a dollar icon in the lower right corner, in which it will be possible to choose the desired amount to be redeemed. Confirm all bank details and other personal information and transfer the amounts.

IPVA discount

This type of request can only be made in the month of October to pay next year’s tax. Select Discharge or Deduction in the amount of IPVA, and now make the choice to use the balance, just enter the Renavam number and verify. On the next screen, you will need to confirm that this balance will be used to pay IPVA, just confirm.

After how long can I withdraw the credits?

Realize, then, that the amounts to which the tax documents refer will be issued only in the last 4 months and are usually released monthly, according to the Department of Finance and Planning.

How long are credits available for withdrawal?

In the case of availability of credits, it will be from 10/17/2021, which will be able to be redeemed within a period of one year. Prior to this date, the term in effect was five years. Be attentive with all the information in the act of confirmation, because from the moment you confirm, it will not be possible to reverse the action.

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