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understand how this contest works

The Banco do Brasil Contest is known for being one of the most disputed tests for entering the public service in the whole country. It is no wonder that many preparatory courses are held with the intention of more people being able to join the jobs offered to those approved.

However, due to the excess of competition, many doubts arise in the candidates. Therefore, check here how the Banco do Brasil Contest will work and find out ways to prepare yourself to secure that dreamed vacancy.

What this article covers:

Banco do Brasil Contest: What is the organizing bank?

To understand the Contest Bank of Brazil and all such proofs, we need to analyze how the organizing bank works. Understanding this is essential both to prepare correctly and to not be scared by the test on the day.

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Initially, let’s comment on what an organizing bank is about. As its name implies, it is responsible for organizing the stages of the contest and among them is the preparation of the tests. It is essential for the candidate to be aware of the bank responsible for his test, as the form of evaluation varies.

Largest contest organizers in Brazil

Let’s start with one of the most recent firms that organized the Banco do Brasil Contest more recently: Cesgranrio. Well known by concurseiros, its evaluation methods usually use objectivity in the questions. Depending on the type of test, the questions have different scores in addition to the multiple choice of questions.

Check here a list of five more organizing stalls spread across the country:

  • Cespe;
  • FGV;
  • FCC;
  • Esaf;
  • Vunesp.

From this list, you will be able to orient yourself through the organizing boards responsible for most of the contests in Brazil. Whenever you can, look for content that addresses the evaluation methods of the bank responsible for your tender so as not to be surprised by some detail.

Latest BB Contests

There is a pattern that varies very little from the Banco do Brasil Contest even with the change of newsstands: the subjects charged. Practically all the newsstands that organized this type of competition have the custom of charging all the subjects given in the notice, so pay attention!

Based on an analysis of the subjects covered in the most recent tests, we put together a compilation with the concepts that always haunt candidates in this type of test. Check it out further!

What to study for Banco do Brasil exams?

Now that we have commented enough about organizing committees, what should we study for the Banco do Brasil Contest? Always remember to take into account the bank responsible for the contest for better preparation and check out the subjects most charged in the BB tests.

Financial math

It’s even intuitive to think that financial mathematics will be present in a contest to join a financial institution, isn’t it? Despite its frightening name, the Banco do Brasil Contest presents a repetition in the following mathematical subjects:

  • Simple swear;
  • Compound interest;
  • percentage;
  • Basic math.

From an in-depth study of these subjects with a good amount of question resolution, the candidate is able to guarantee a good score in the mathematical test and make a great leap in relation to the others.

Portuguese language

Without a doubt, mastering one’s own language is essential both for the attentive reading of questions, as well as to avoid falling into possible pranks that routinely pursue the concurseiros. Therefore, check out a list of Portuguese language subjects to ensure a great test reading:

  • Syntax;
  • Verbal and nominal agreement;
  • Textual interpretation;
  • Part of morphology.

From these matters, you guarantee that the proof will not be able to deceive you during the moment of resolution. Another recommendation is that, even for a short time, you exercise your reading to train your brain to capture small details that are usually informed in the statements of the questions.


Well known by people who consistently take the ENEM, writing is also a point charged in the exams for the Banco do Brasil Contest. It is necessary to carry it out in the essay-argumentative format and has a total value of 100 points. Those who score below 70 points will be automatically eliminated, so be careful!

Is there a forecast for the next public tender for BB?

The scenario is uncertain according to experts. However, it is possible that those responsible for the Banco do Brasil Contest promote a new test as of December 2023, if we take into account the term of validity of the last contest held.

There is a forecast for the next call for bids for BB

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With this, it is expected that you now know how the Banco do Brasil Contest works and are well in relation to the subjects that will be charged in the evaluation. Share the text for dissemination purposes and whenever you need reliable information, return to this site.

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