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Understand all the rights of those with cancer

Going through cancer can be a very difficult time and can generate a lot of expenses with medication, treatments, specialized doctors, among others. Therefore, it is important to know all the rights of those with cancer in order to obtain a better quality of life.

In today’s text, we will talk about what these rights are and how to obtain them. Follow below.

What this article covers:

Discovered cancer, what to do?

Since the SUAS (Single Social Assistance System) was established, every person who has some type of disability or illness that makes them unable to perform a work activity is entitled to receive a benefit called “benefit of continuous provision”, better known as “BPC”.

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This benefit is provided for in the Organic Law of Social Assistance and is one of the most targeted benefits. It serves both the person who has some kind of disability and the person who is elderly over 65 years of age. However, there are many bureaucracies to obtain this benefit and it may seem very difficult at first, but it is necessary to understand that the BPC is a benefit that can be obtained.

To obtain this benefit (which is around the minimum wage) you must first enroll in the Single Registrationwhich is the registration that every Brazilian citizen must do to obtain any type of right involving the area of ​​social assistance.

First, the person who discovered the cancer must complete his single registration at any unit of the Cras (Specialized Reference Center for Social Assistance) in his region and obtain the NIS (Social Registration Number) to obtain the BPC, but this is only one of the many benefits that the person diagnosed with cancer can have.

Cancer: how to apply for INSS benefits

To apply for INSS benefits, you must first have an up-to-date Single Registry and NIS number. After that, just contact the INSS via phone 135 or via the app or website. Just download the INSS application called “Meu INSS”, log in and provide the necessary information. After that, just search the app for the option “enter the BPC” and wait for the appointment.

The deadline can be long, however, when approved, the person will undergo a series of evaluations by an expert to find out if the disease is really disabling. If it is found that the person does not have the capacity to work, he is entitled to receive, monthly, a minimum wage as a benefit from the federal government.

What are the guaranteed rights of those with cancer?

There are many rights of the person who has cancer, including free treatment through the SUS. Below we list some of these benefits:

Complete treatment through SUS

According to Law nº 12.732, the person who has cancer can undergo the complete treatment through the SUS and must begin the treatment 60 days after the diagnosis.

Out of Home Treatment

Ordinance No. 55/1999 guarantees that people with cancer can undergo their SUS treatments in regions other than their reference region and, in certain cases, even in other states. It is also possible for the person to take a companion and all their expenses are paid by the state or municipality itself.

Using drugs that are still in development

Although a little risky, the person with cancer is guaranteed to be able to use drugs that are still being developed. This is done through Resolution nº 38/13 of ANVISA, and there are two programs in which the patient can participate and they are the Expanded Access Program and also the Compassionate Use Program. However, the person can only join these programs after an assessment of the state and progression of the disease to assess the possible risks of using the medication.

breast reconstruction

Breast cancer affects many women, not only physically but also emotionally and self-esteem, which are shaken after breast removal. With that in mind, there is a law that guarantees breast reconstruction when it involves total or partial mutilation and this type of treatment is guaranteed through Federal Laws nº 9797/99 and nº 9656/98, article 10-A.

SUS and other health plans are required to perform the surgery.

INSS benefit

As we said above, people who have some type of cancer can try to obtain the Continued Benefit that is guaranteed through the Organic Law of Social Assistance.

Finally, we know that cancer is a very big difficulty, but knowing about your rights can help you improve your quality of life.

If you want to know more about the rights of people with cancer and other illnesses, keep following our articles!

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