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Umidigi Bison, the 5 keys to the ideal smartphone for work

The cell phone brand Umidigi It is gaining more and more followers among smartphone lovers. This is a trend sustained by the quality of its materials and the operation of its equipment, which position it among the main cell phones Mexico.

Within the offers of large stores, such as line cell phones, we can find the Bison model, the most impressive of the brand. But what is it that makes this phone stand out from other models?

Next, we share the main keys of the Umidigi Bisonthe best alternative to use at work.

Keys of the Umidigi Bison to use in your work

1. Rugged Design

To begin with, the first thing we have to highlight about this model of Umidigi is that it is one of the most resistant smartphones on the market. Something that makes it ideal for the busy world of work tasks.

It has a 6.3-inch screen with 2.5D curved protection glass, which gives it great resistance without sacrificing great style. In addition, it has a shell specially designed to receive impacts without breaking.

2. Certifications

However, not everything is hardness and resistance when thinking about the durability of a smartphone for work.

For this, there are excellent Motorola cell phone modelsfor example, or any other brand, but not all of them have the certifications of this Umidigi.

With IP68 or IP69K certifications, depending on the version, this Bison model is among the best Cell phones available in Mexico. These certificates are a guarantee of the best protection against dust and water.

3. Performance

Not everything is exteriors and hardware in this model of Umidigi, but also in its internal parts shows great quality. It has a MediaTek Helio P60 eight-core processor that will allow us to do everything we need and more.

In addition, it has 6GB of RAM and comes from the factory with 128GB of storage that can be expanded with an SD card. On the other hand, its operating system is Android 10 (Q), which is an excellent version.

4. Camera

Nowadays, what would a smartphone be if it didn’t have a good camera? Or, rather, a good pair of cameras, as the Umidigi Bison. This model has a quad camera with a 48MP Sony brand main sensor.

Then, it has a 120 ° wide angle and a high-quality sensor to be able to get the best depth in our photos. Whether our job involves taking pictures or not, a good camera is key.

5. Autonomy

Finally, the last aspect that positions the Bison model among the best cell phones Mexico It is the great autonomy that it has. Something that is key when thinking about a smartphone for work.

Its battery is 5000 mAh and it has an 18W fast charging system so that we do not lose time working.

After this review of features, there can be no doubt about why the Bison is one of the best models within the offer of Umidigi cell phones.

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