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Uber will show drivers the price of races in advance • ENTER.CO

Uber wants to be closer to drivers who work through this platform. For this reason, it has adjusted some of the app’s functions to make it more user-friendly. So if you are an Uber driver, you should know that now you will be able to know, in advance, the value of the service that you are going to accept.

In this way, Uber is betting that drivers can better manage their journeys. The feature is called “advance fees” and as the name implies, it shows the driver the value of what they will receive for the service. This change implemented by the transport application is part of the platform’s strategy to make driving the shared ride service more flexible. In addition, it left open the possibility for a new feature to be introduced in the near future in which drivers will be able to see other trip requests in their area and thus choose the trip they would like to take. Although this feature directly benefits drivers, users could see a decrease in the rate of canceled trips.

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With this function, drivers will be able to evaluate each trip based on safety and profitability. The figure shown to drivers is based on various aspects such as: base fares, duration and estimated duration of the trip, pick-up distance and price increase. Of course, if the user changes the destination or route, or even if there is an unexpected traffic jam on the route, the rate will be adjusted. Tips and wait times are not included in this displayed value. With the fares will come another Uber feature called “Ride Radar” that will provide drivers with a series of nearby ride requests. They will be able to choose the trips they want and if it is a good combination, Uber will assign them the race. The rollout of this feature will begin in most of the US and after its functionality has been evaluated, it may expand to other countries.

Image: Paul Hanaoka on Unsplash

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