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Uber Credit Card: How it works

In partnership with Bantech Digio, the Uber Credit Card was made to make life easier for the company’s partners. Understand the advantages, public and proposal of this new service. Learn how credit cards work and how to get yours.

What this article covers:

What is the Uber Credit Card?

The Uber Credit Card was created together with the company Digio, in order to help and make life easier for the company’s partners, speeding up receipt after the end of the trip or delivery. In addition, it brings numerous benefits to the Uber credit card user.

How does the Uber credit card work?

Uber account services vary according to the person’s level in Uber pro, the higher the level, the greater the number of benefits available.

For example, a diamond level account is free to make unlimited TEDs and withdrawals. While a blue account only one TED is two withdrawals each month.

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In addition, the Uber account brings the following benefits to the company’s partner drivers: pix and TED transfers made free of charge, payment of slips and bills through the app, free annuity, in addition to other benefits.

The Uber credit card also allows drivers to make withdrawals from banks 24 hours a day, but the number of withdrawals available varies depending on the level of the company’s partner profile.

The card also gives the possibility to generate virtual cards and payments through QR code, in addition to payments made physically with the card through credit or debit.

The driver also receives cashback of up to 13% of the value of the product through purchases made with the Uber credit card at the company’s partner stores, such as the following stores: Lojas Americanas, Natura, NetshoesDafiti, among other partner stores.
While the money is being held in the Uber account, the balance will generate 100% of CDI.

Another benefit of using the Uber account is the use of the Veloe sticker free of charge for 2 years. Veloe makes it easy to pay for various types of parking and also toll charges, after the period of two the driver needs to pay a small monthly fee to continue using the Veloe sticker.

What is the Uber card limit?

The Uber Conta credit card does not have a pre-approved credit limit, the card works like a prepaid credit card, that is, the card user can only make purchases using credit if he has a balance in his account. account.

What is the limit of the Uber card

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What is the initial limit?

As the Uber account works like a prepaid card, it does not have an initial limit. The limit will be the amount that the driver has saved in his Uber account.

How to order the Uber credit card?

If you are interested in its benefits and want to order an Uber credit card for yourself, please know that the following requirements are necessary:

  • Have an approved Uber driver account for more than 28 days;
  • Have made at least 25 rides or deliveries in your account;
  • The user must have no legal holds.

That’s all you need to know about how the uber credit card works and all its advantages and benefits for the user before deciding to apply for one for yourself.

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