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Uber Colombia will only have Eco cars by 2040 • ENTER.CO

The mobility platform Uber Colombia announced that it is in the process of becoming a platform that is zero emissions. For this reason, he expects that by 2040 only Eco vehicles will be rented.

This was learned within the framework of the announcement that by the end of this year the platform will offer its first fleet of electric vehicles for lease. Marcela Torres, general director of Uber for the Andean Region, Central America and the Caribbean, said that “technology has the potential to decarbonize cities”, which is why she assures that Uber has taken on the challenge of implementing it. She assures that it is an unavoidable responsibility and commitment to be a zero emissions platform.

The same action is expected to be taken around the world and for the same year. In Uber there is already a project in this regard with options called Uber Planet and Comfort Planet. In this way, the carbon footprint of the journeys is offset, which is estimated at more than 6 thousand tons of CO₂ in the country. Torres stresses that they agree with President Gustavo Petro’s vision of the importance of environmental sustainability, “which is why at Uber we are ready for teamwork with authorities, civil society and other companies,” said Torres.

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In this way, Uber gets into the bets of the platforms that are already offering similar services in Colombia. At the same time, it is taking a step forward by setting a date to make the entire fleet emission-free. Thus responding to national and international movements that advocate economic models that are more sustainable and friendly to the environment. Marcela Torres reiterated that the moment to act in favor of the environment is now. Estimating that in 2040 vehicle rentals (in Colombia and the world) for public transport and micromobility will be made only with zero emission cars.

Image: Andrew Roberts on Unsplash

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