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Types of tiles and their characteristics

Tiles are essential parts for construction. They allow you to cover the property according to the project proposal. There are many models of tiles available in building material stores, so it is important to know the characteristics to buy the ideal product.

Ceramic tile. (Photo: Disclosure)

Several points need to be observed in order to choose the ideal tile, such as the slope of the roof, the style of construction, the needs of the residents and the quality of the material. It is also essential to verify that the parts are approved by the Brazilian Association of Technical Standards (ABNT).

At the time to install the tiles, it is necessary to have a specialized workforce. Only a qualified professional will understand the structuring of the roof, the fittings and the fixing of the tiles.

What this article covers:

Main types of tiles

Check out the main types of tiles and their characteristics🇧🇷

ceramic tile
Ceramic tile is the most used product in Brazil to cover houses. It has good thermal insulation capacity, that is, it makes the internal environment cooler than the external environment.

In addition to thermal comfort, ceramic tiles are aesthetically beautiful and effective when it comes to sealing. They can be found in colonial, French, Portuguese and Roman versions.

concrete tile
Concrete roof tiles are new on the market, but little by little they are gaining consumer preference. They are found in different shapes and colors, in addition to ensuring thermal comfort. The choice of concrete pieces is ideal for those who want to save on woodwork.

The only downside to concrete tile is the need for annual maintenance.

Fiber cement tile. (Photo: Disclosure)

fiber cement tile
The fiber cement tile is resistant and light. It can be used on roofs with little inclination and has a lower cost compared to other types of tiles.

Popularly known as Brasilit, fiber cement tile has a shorter useful life and does not guarantee as much thermal comfort.

glass tile
The glass tile is ideal for increasing the entry of natural light into environments.

Metal tile
The steel tile goes through the galvanizing or zinc plating process to become more resistant to corrosion, mainly caused by rain.

thermoacoustic tile
The thermoacoustic tile looks like a conventional model, except for the filling material that constitutes it, such as Styrofoam. Using the product on the roof reduces the need for refrigeration equipment.

Ecological tile. (Photo: Disclosure)

ecological tile
The ecological tile is made from waterproofing vegetable fibers. It is sustainable, lightweight and easy to install.

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