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Types of minimalist decoration to save space

You types of minimalist decoration to save space promise to be of great help to people who face the challenge of decorating small spaces. The style defends the idea of ​​a simpler and at the same time elegant composition, following the theory that “less is more”.

Types of minimalist decoration to save space. (Photo: Disclosure)

The minimalist aesthetic can be crafted to enlarge every room in the home, including the living room, kitchen, dining room, bedroom, foyer, and bathroom. She proposes simple solutions that fit the premises of modern decor.

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Understand the minimalist style

It is believed that the minimalist style emerged shortly after World War II, a period when resources were scarce and people had to learn to live with less. The concept of “less is more” even took over the decor.

O minimalist style in decoration is responsible for combining aesthetics and functionality. It dispenses with any form of exaggeration and takes advantage of simplicity. In minimalism, being simple is the expression of good taste and sophistication.

In recent times, the minimalist decoration has been considered a powerful ally for small rooms. The style manages to expand spaces and proposes intelligent solutions for environments with limited space.

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Types of minimalist decoration to save space

Minimalist kitchen. (Photo: Disclosure)

Check below some types of minimalist decoration to save spacethat is, strategies that promise to optimize the rooms of your home as much as possible.


One of the minimalist features that most help to gain space is organization. The style eliminates all that is superfluous and incorporates only the essentials. Everything needs to be in order to make the environments look cleaner, that is, less polluted.

Neutral colors

Color doesn’t have much space in minimalism. The style takes advantage of neutral and light colors to expand environments, as is the case with white. The minimalist concept dispenses with vibrant tones because it believes they contribute to visual noise.

Minimalist bedroom. (Photo: Disclosure)

clean furniture

For gain space in decoration, minimalism defends the use of clean furniture to decorate. These pieces feature straight, elegant lines and are characterized by simplicity. In some cases, furniture design calls for asymmetry.

Valuable materials

Some materials valued by the minimalist style favor the feeling of spaciousness in the environments, such as glass, chrome and mirrors.

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Now that you know the types of minimalist decoration to save spaceapply minimalism strategies in your home environments.

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