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Two Firefox Addons That Help You Extend Your Web Browser

Users of the Firefox web browser have thousands of plugins and scripts at their disposal that they can use to extend the functionality of the web browser.

It is absolutely impossible to know all the extensions, scripts and themes that are available for the browser, even if you visit the official plugin repository and third-party sites regularly.

This means you may miss out on great additions to the browser that can help you get the most out of it, improve your browsing experience or your workflow.

Here are two Firefox addons that will help you find new Firefox addons and user scripts. We’ve covered them before here on Ghacks, but we thought it would be nice to combine both in one post, as they are great ways to extend the web browser.

To update: The two original plug-ins are no longer available. More precisely, Greasefire is still available but no longer supported, while the Plugin Suggestion Tool is no longer available. A fork of Greasefire has been created that makes it compatible with the new userscript repository userscript-mirror.org (userscript.org has been shut down).

grease fire 2

greasemonkey scripts

Greasefire finds user scripts running on the website that is active in the browser. The extension lists scripts that have been designed specifically for the web page or service you are on, but also scripts that work with the site in other ways, for example, a downloader of videos or music on sites that stream them online. line.

The addon changes the Greasemonkey extension icon in the Firefox status bar if scripts have been found.

A right click on the icon brings up the usual Greasemonkey menu with an entry showing the number of scripts found that are compatible with the website.

A click on that number opens a new window showing the names of the supported scripts in a sidebar and the embedded page on the userscripts website in the main area.

Plugin Suggestion Tool

firefox addon suggestion

We recently reviewed the plugin suggestion tool. Calculates add-ons related to add-ons already installed in Firefox based on selections made by other Firefox users who have installed that add-on.

It is experimental at the moment and lacks plugin descriptions, but it does have links to the plugin pages where you can get the information.

Do you know of any additional tools or plugins that do something similar? Let us know in the options.

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