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Twitter considered competing with OnlyFans • ENTER.CO

Twitter wanted to compete with OnlyFans as a platform for adult content. At least that is how the directors of the social network considered it earlier this year.

After many years of quietly allowing adult content, Twitter considered allowing content creators to sell subscriptions. Had this proposal materialized, the social network would have risked a backlash from advertisers. These are the ones that generate the majority of the platform’s income.

If Twitter had decided to compete with OnlyFans, surely the revenue could have outweighed the advertisers’ losses. If you consider the 2.5 billion dollars that entered OnlyFans this year, half of what Twitter earns in 2021.

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For this reason, some of the company’s executives considered that Twitter could begin to capture some of that money. This is because the social network has become the main marketing channel for OnlyFans content creators. The purpose was to allocate those resources to a new project called Adult Content Monetization.

According to information revealed by The Verge portal, Twitter would have convened a “Red Team” of 84 employees to make the final decision. However, what the team discovered ended up sinking the project. It turns out that for years Twitter has failed to effectively police harmful sexual content on the platform. That is why it is not possible to offer a new adult service safely.

In fact, the report reveals that Twitter is not capable of accurately detecting the exploitation of child sexual content. It also cannot police non-consensual nudity. Additionally, the company lacks tools to verify that the creators and consumers of adult content were of legal age.

Weeks after the report came Elon Musk’s proposal to buy the platform for $44 billion, and then the project was shelved indefinitely. Launching such a service without having the tools to monitor for harmful explicit content would only compound the problem.

Image: Souvik Banerjee on Unsplash

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