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Twitter began testing its collaborative trills: this is how they will work • ENTER.CO

Twitter began testing a tool that had already given some clues at the end of 2021. It is a function that would allow two profiles to be co-authors of a single tweet and that has already begun to be enabled in some accounts for a limited time.

Based on early experience records, collaborative tweets will look very similar to their Instagram equivalent. Have you seen those contents in this social network that, instead of using labels to mention another user, opt for collaborations between two accounts, so that the publications appear simultaneously in both profiles? Well, that’s more or less what the development of Twitter looks like.

How to write collaborative content on Twitter

Since several Twitter users have already started testing this new option called CoTweets, it is now possible to know with greater certainty exactly how it works. According to the first screenshots, the main author of the tweet must invite the person who will be tagged in the tweet, to discuss the contents through direct messages.

The invited account, for its part, must approve the tweet to participate as a co-author. Once you do, the resulting trill will show that it was written by two people. That’s right: so far, the answers seem to be directed only to the main author.

The new option, which will only work with accounts that are public, will serve above all to facilitate advertising collaborations on Twitter, so that, in this specific case, both the sponsoring brand account and the influencing account can make their names more obvious. and avatars in a single post. In the case of normal tweets, the tool will simply work to share the credit of an informative thread or funny post with the followers of both accounts.

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