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Twitch will now allow its creators to stream on YouTube and Facebook • ENTER.CO

Great news for Twitch streamers! The Amazon platform has updated its terms and from August 23, 2022 it will allow creators to broadcast on other services such as YouTube and Facebook.

At ENTER.CO we have summarized the most important points you should know about this new update of the Twitch terms and conditions:

What is the change?

Twitch has an affiliate creator program, which simply means that if you have a minimum number of subscribers and hours watched you get additional features, plus more tools to monetize (meaning you can turn streaming into a job).

The problem is that part of the policies prohibited members of this program from broadcasting on other services outside of Twitch. If an affiliate creator was caught doing so, they could lose these aforementioned benefits.

So the change only applies to creators within the program?

Yes, but not all. The vast majority of creators will be able to start streaming on other platforms. However, there are some that have special deals with Twitch or their show that require them to maintain exclusivity.

Does that mean I can now stream on Twitch and YouTube at the same time?

No. The deal simply allows you to end your stream on Twitch and immediately start a new one. The platform still does not allow simultaneous transmissions. Amazon claims the reason is because ‘staying connected to two chats at the same time can lead to less than optimal experiences’… but the real reason is that they prefer not to create direct competition to the same content.

Can I promote my YouTube channels?

Yes. In the middle of the broadcast you can present your YouTube channel or even invite people to tune in to your broadcast on these services.

Did you upload VODS from Twitch to YouTube before? Can I still do it?

Yes. In fact, this was one of the ways many creators were able to create content for both platforms. Nothing about this will change, except that now you can also use the live stream features live from YouTube as well.

You can read the full article on the Twitch blog at this link.

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