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Twins baby shower: decorating ideas

The happiest day in a woman’s life is when she finds out she’s expecting a baby. Happiness is doubled when she discovers that she is pregnant with twins. Before the little ones are born, it is necessary to have the famous baby shower for them, in order to celebrate this very special day that is coming. Learn more about it and check out some twins baby shower decorating ideas🇧🇷

Twins baby shower decor can be done in many ways. (Photo: publicity)

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The first step to hold a baby shower is to choose the date of the party, which must be before the babies are born. The ideal is to do with breasts or seven months of gestation. It is necessary to choose the date and place where this party will be held, which can be either at your home, or in a salon or wherever you prefer.

Then you need to send invitations to the people you want to invite and make a small list of gifts, with varying prices so that all guests of different purchasing power can present it.

Decoration is part of this moment, so it must be chosen carefully. If you already know the sex of the babies, it’s easier to think of a decoration and a theme. If it’s a boy, it can be blue or green and if it’s a girl, lilac or pink. THE simple baby shower decor it is also an excellent option.

Choose the model that you like the most. (Photo: publicity)

What this article covers:

Twins baby shower decorating ideas

1. The stuffed dogs, wooden houses, helium gas balloons and stickers that imitate footprints on the floor can be used in the main decoration of the twins baby shower🇧🇷 The green and brown colors make the environment very beautiful.

2. Sweets work as decoration objects. Bonbons, brigadeiros and truffles are coordinated in the colors of lilac and white. Bouquets of lisianthus flowers can be placed in the background for a feminine decoration.

3. The decoration can be made similar to a baby room, using wallpaper, clothes, teddy bears and so on. To highlight the table bet on sweets and cake.

4. Bet on balloons to decorate the wall and table. The cake can be made from disposable diapers. Also use baby clothes and indoor lighting.

5. To give a more special touch to the baby shower decor, use little plaques with totems over the sweets containing the baby’s name.

Pregnancy is synonymous with celebration and lots of little gifts for the baby. You need to know how to do and how to decorate the baby shower so that this party comes out even more beautiful. bet on tips on how to decorate twins baby shower and have a very lively celebration.

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