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Tuva Novotny and Alexander Skarsgård captured on picture in New York – with baby

The other day, Tuva Novotny and Alexander Skarsgård were seen out on the town together when they were out in New York with a baby that many assume is their joint child. See the pictures here!

Photo: SVT/HBO

Earlier this year, it was discovered that the actors Tuva Novotny and Alexander Skarsgård had been in a relationship for several years, something that Sanna Lundell mentioned in her podcast Not your mother in February:

“It’s still so funny that we’ve talked about it several times that they’re a couple, that they’ve been for several years and they’re like two of our biggest international celebrities and no one writes about it,” said Lundell in the podcast, which she runs together with Ann Söderlund. “I think it’s so strange.”

Found together in New York

Not long after, it emerged that Novotny was expecting a child, something she confirmed at the Elle gala at the end of April and then commented during an interview in Nyhetsmorgon:

“It was a bit difficult to avoid a nine-month pregnant belly from that angle,” Tuva replied but declined to answer the question of when the baby would arrive.

Skarsgård and Novotny have never publicly spoken about their relationship, but on Monday evening they were seen out in New York together after a dinner with friends. In images first published by Yesinly Mail Skarsgård carries a baby in his arms while Novotny carries a pram at his side.

Novotny already has a daughter Ella, 15, together with Nicolai Bjerrum Lersbryggen. Skarsgård has previously been linked with Amanda Seyfried, Kate Bosworth and Alexa Chung.

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