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turquoise waters and fine sand two hours from Havana

Who knows if Varadero isn’t the ideal place for your next vacation? Start dreaming about the charms of Cuba.

Cuba it is a dream destination, with the salero of Caribbean rhythms in the streets, the socialist history pulsing in the veins and the gastronomy. But it also has beaches as far as the eye can see, like Varadero, where the blue sea mixes with the white sand and the exuberance of the vegetation.

Varadero is in the province of Matanzas and was, before the Cuban revolution, the meeting point of the country’s wealthiest class, who found the long sandy bridges the ideal place to build their mansions.

With the Cuban revolution, Varadero, like other places, went directly into the hands of the state and remained there until the 90s, when Cuba reached its tourist boom and Varadero became its calling card.

All-inclusive resorts are starting to be born planted on tongues of white sand and bathed by the most turquoise waters you can see in the world. In Varadero, the party never ends and goes hand in hand with the peace promised by days spent by the sea drinking coconut water.

to meet Varadero in 4 days

Varadero’s beaches span around 20 kilometers and should be enjoyed very slowly, in addition to the incredible resorts that offer swimming pools with views of paradise. For this reason, visiting Varadero must be done with time and calmly.

Enjoy the beaches from morning to night and enjoy the sunset, one of the most incredible sunsets you will ever see.

Take the opportunity to explore some of the most beautiful secrets and the Cueva de Saturno, and the labyrinth of the Cueva de Bellamar are must-visits to do between baths. In addition, you can swim with the dolphins at the Delfinarium, or spend an afternoon playing golf at the Varadero Golf Clubwhile enjoying the “gardens” of Mansión Xanadú, after lunch at Restaurante Las Américas, where you can taste fantastic Creole food.

There are also many water activities that the resorts have available, with a catamaran trip to Cayo Blanco or diving activities.

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From Varadero to Havana

After resting a lot, it’s time to discover the Cuban capital and let yourself fall in love with the Latin rhythms and be infected by the unmistakable joy of Cubans.

To get to Havana from Varadero, there are several options: either by bus, the Via Azul, transfers between both cities at great prices, by taxi or by booking directly at your hotel.

When you arrive in Havana, know how to get lost and you will have the best experience of your vacation.

Havana is very hastily divided into the ‘vieja’ and the ‘nueva’. The new part, El Vedado, is the concentration of cultural art, a dynamic pole, with perpendicular blocks, where music is everywhere.

Around here, there are always many reasons to smile and the marks of the past give the city a dreamlike touch. In this area, we take the Malecón and continue to Miramar, where diplomats are concentrated and where the political class lives. equally majestic streets but much greener and quieter.

Don’t miss the Museum of Memory, the most modern museum you’ll find in these parts that follows the story of Fidel Castro. The Cuban Art Factory is also a must for anyone wanting to get to know the country’s new cultural pulse better. There are two floors that function as an art gallery and restaurants, animated by music, and it is a mandatory stop.

Tradition and modernity

In Old Havana walking through its streets is the best way to really get to know it – from the Capitol, Plaza Vieja to Plaza de la Revolución and the busts of its mentors – from Che Guevara, Camilo Cienfuegos and José Martí.

A must is to drink the ‘mojito in La Bodeguita, mi daiquirí in El Floridita’, following the advice of Nobel Prize winner Hemingway.

Havana has a lot to offer behind its timid and fearless air of someone who has witnessed wars and revolutions. It is that same haughty and austere air that makes the Cuban capital so fascinating. and that hides an innocent girl full of life.

View of the beach in Varadero

How to go?

Several travel agencies offer Varadero Havana packages in 8 days, with prices starting at €950 per person. Usually these packages include accommodation and transfers. So there’s not much to think about.

Where to stay?

There is no shortage of options in Varadero: Be Live Adults Only Los Cactus, Starfish Cuatro Palmas Adults Only – All Inclusive or Gran Caribe Puntarena playa Caleta at more friendly prices are some of the options available.

There is no shortage of imperial places to stay in Havana such as the Hotel Nacional de Cuba or the Hotel Sevilla. In addition to the limited options for local accommodation, you can stay with Cubans and the experience will be much cheaper and much more special.

Where to eat?

Restaurants and pubs abound on every corner. Go with an open mind and enjoy. El Cheverongo, Esquina de Cuba or Más Havana are some of the suggestions.

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