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Turn text into an image with TikTok • ENTER.CO

TikTok has just started offering a new tool to users of this social network. It is a utility that is based on the benefits of artificial intelligence. Convert text to image.

It is a new filter called “AI green screen”, with which, through artificial intelligence, a text can be converted into an image. The appearance of this functionality on TikTok only confirms the popularity of these AI systems. For this reason, the platform added a new function with which you can convert your texts into images with the software that generates them automatically. This image can be used well as a video background, which makes it a practical utility for content creators.

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It is important for you to know that this tool in TikTok is quite basic, compared to other tools that already exist like Google Image, DALL-E 2. But it can generate the images with amazing results. The result of the tool is a rather abstract and slightly swirly image. In this, it is also far from the tools that exist today, because others are capable of generating photorealistic images or complex and coherent illustrations.

The limitations of this TikTok feature may be intentional in order to brand content on the platform. But in addition, it is also due to other more technical aspects such as the need for greater computing power that has costs. Likewise, many other resources are required that the company does not have. This considering that TikTok has over a billion users and giving everyone the power to create these images could have consequences. Some phrases denoting violence result in almost abstract swirls, perhaps a content control mechanism.

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