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Tuesday the 13th: what not to do today to avoid bad luck

One of the most fateful and cabalistic days of the calendar is Tuesday the 13th Well, for those who are superstitious it is bad luck, so they avoid doing some things so as not to be victims of a curse.

There is a very popular saying that says “on Tuesday the 13th, do not get married or embark or leave your house”, but what is the origin of the bad reputation? For Latin American countries, this date is the most feared, while for Anglo-Saxons like the United States, it corresponds to Friday the 13th. Whatever it is, its roots lie in the number 13.

Why is Tuesday the 13th bad luck?

The origin of the curse of 13 goes back to the beliefs of centuries ago, for example, ancient Nordic cultures speak of 13 evil spirits, the Apocalypse appears in chapter 13 of the Bible and the number 13 in the Tarot is associated with the arcane of death.

Regarding the day, in Roman mythology Tuesday was associated with Mars, the god of war, violence, and destruction.being a day related to warriors, it was not recommended to make new plans because they believed that the weather was not conducive.

What not to do to avoid bad luck?

The superstition around this day indicates that we should not do certain types of things so as not to be victims of his curse, among which are:

Don’t get married on Tuesday the 13th.

Avoid making big financial decisions, romantic decisions, traveling or moving.

Don’t start the day by stepping on the left foot first.

Do not cross a black cat, go under a ladder, spill salt on the table or open an umbrella indoors.

Avoid inviting 13 people to your house or not being in a meeting where you are the thirteenth element.

Do not cut your nails or hair.

Never stay in a hotel on the thirteenth floor or in a room number 13.

Do not travel in seat 13 of an airplane.

Avoid parking the car in the box or space with the number 13.

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