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TUDN commentator was close to giving birth at the Azteca Stadium

Georgina Holguin and Andrés Vaca at the 2022 Investiture Ceremony of the National and International Soccer Hall of Fame.

Photo: Sebastian Laureano Miranda / Imago7

The Azteca Stadium is a historical site that has witnessed many moments. One of them was going to be the birth of the baby of the well-known commentator for the TUDN network, Georgina Holguín, better known as ‘Gina’.

It turns out that in the middle of a promotional project concerning the Qatar 2022 World Cup, which she covered with several colleagues and her husband, the narrator Andrés Vaca, she was about to give birth in the facilities of the Azteca Stadium.

The episode was made known thanks to Valeria Marín, also a host of TUDN and Holguín’s partner. In the middle of the broadcast of the “Netas Divinas” program, her friend began to tell that Gina did not want to take a break in the last weeks of her pregnancy and decided to continue working.

In the middle of recording they realized that something was not right with the commentator. “We were recording some promotionals for the World Cup in Qatar. It was a very long day, it rained and we had to wait at two or three in the morning. We’re going to record and everyone is saying to Gina ‘are you okay?’ and her water broke, ”Marín mentioned with a laugh.

Holguín finished recounting what happened months ago at the mythical sports venue. “At the Azteca Stadium, I turned around and said ‘my water broke.’ I didn’t know what it was. I arrived with a lady and I told her ‘I think I peed, but they say it’s normal’. I go to a little tent where they had the lights and everything and again and I talk to Andrés (Vaca) who was recording the promos. I dial him and tell him ‘I think I peed or the fountain’, he arrived in a second and let’s go. ”, He pointed out.

The event dates back to three months before the World Cup in Qatar, since it was in mid-August when Holguín and Vaca announced the birth of their firstborn Ian. The project they are working on were commercials to promote the ecumenical event that would take place in the following weeks.

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