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Tuca Ferretti shows his satisfaction at being able to sit on the Cruz Azul bench: “Many would like to be in my place”

Tuca Ferretti is already the new coach of Cruz Azul.

Photo: Rafael Vadillo / Imago7

Ricardo Tuca Ferretti He is already the new coach of Cruz Azul and experienced Brazilian expressed his satisfaction at reaching one of the largest institutions in Mexican soccer. “How many would not want to be in my place, one feels very happy and very grateful for this opportunitysaid the 69-year-old technical director.

Ferretti joins the cement team, which he considers to be among the four greatest in the history of Mexican football along with América, Chivas and Pumas. “Cruz Azul is one of the four greats of Mexican soccer, what more honor can you have as a worker, as an employee, or as a coach in an institution as large as this“, he reiterated.

Tuca Ferretti lives in the present

With seven titles in his showcases, Ricardo Ferretti assures that he does not live by past achievements with other teams, on the contrary, he lives in the present and only looks forward. “I reach a thousand percent because I don’t live from the past, I don’t live from a club, the past is over. Now I have to live from today and everything that was achieved is in the past. The important thing is from now on“, pointed out the historic coach.

In the same way, he is confident that he will have good chemistry with his players, whom he points out to have already seen play in the last victory in the Azteca against Atlas, together with his assistant Guillermo Vázquez, with whom he was in the match.

The debut of Tuca Ferretti

Tuca Ferretti will lead his first match at the helm of Cruz Azul next Saturday, March 25 at the Azteca, when La Máquina receives Juárez FCprecisely the last team that the Brazilian led and with which he abruptly ended his employment relationship.

He also pointed out that as a soccer person, he knows 80% of the Cruz Azul squad, which is why he hopes to get the best out of each one for the benefit of the team.

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