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Tuca Ferretti makes his triumphant debut on the Cruz Azul bench at the Azteca stadium

Tuca Ferretti in his debut on the Cruz Azul bench.

Photo: Etzel Espinosa / Imago7

What many expected finally happened, Ricardo “Tuca” Ferretti made his debut on the Cruz Azul bench and did so positively, with a 1-0 victory over Juárez FC and at the Azteca stadiumbefore the fans of the cement team who are excited about the arrival of the Brazilian and the team’s streak.

Although it is Tuca’s first victory in command of Cruz Azul, it is important to point out that La Máquina lives its best moment of the championship by adding three consecutive victories and go climbing positions that get them out of the crisis in which they were submerged until recently.

Despite everything, there is still work to be done, but the cement workers seem to be oiling the machine properlynow it is necessary to return to compete like the greats, something that has been left under the responsibility of a man who has won seven titles in Mexico.

It should be noted that Ferretti was not on the pitch in the first half and Guillermo Vázquez took over while the Brazilian was in the box and even gave him time to smoke a cigarette, something that is not allowed in the stadium. However, in the second half, Tuca went down and took over the team, without a doubt a very particular event.

Uriel Antuna was in charge of opening the scoring at minute 14 after finishing a play and defining it in the opposite arc and thus scoring the first goal in the new stage of Cruz Azul under the command of Tuca Ferretti.

It should be noted that Cruz Azul had just defeated Puebla 3-1 and Atlas 1-0, now with this victory over Juárez, adds, as mentioned above, its third consecutive victory in the Closing Tournament of Liga MX.

La Máquina knew how to live off the income from minute 14 and finally take three important points for what will be the next day in which they visit the Mazatlán FC stadium.

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