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Tuca Ferretti had no mercy to criticize Mexican soccer

Ferretti is the new coach of Cruz Azul.

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Mexican soccer does not go through its best moments. The Mexican National Team lost its dominance with the United States and Canada gave a couple of “reality” blows to the be above El Tri in the last World Cup qualifier. But at the club level there are also problems, especially with the performance that MLS has shown. Faced with this dark panorama, Ricardo Ferretti had no filters to talk about the shortcomings of Mexican soccer.

The first point that Tuca highlighted was the exclusion of Mexican clubs from South American competitions. The Brazilian strategist considers that the contact with Conmebol football was quite profitable for Liga MX and El Tri to raise the level.

I believe that it is stagnant and descending little by little. Because in the competitions we had before, it raised our level a lot. When it began to go to the Copa América, Copa Libertadores, it rose a lot. We did not go more, but it was known that Mexico was going to win. They preferred to cut this opportunity, it is complicated, because it is a confederation that does not belong to us”Ferretti said in an interview with ESPN.

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Foreigners, the easy way out of Mexican soccer

Besides, Ricardo Ferretti questioned the management of the lower categories in the Mexican clubs. El Tuca considers that this part is overlooked by the teams and they prefer to bring in a “made” footballer from abroad.

I see it (Mexico’s soccer) stagnant because it works very badly below and naturally we are filling up more and more foreigners; we stopped reaching a very high level. Everyone says that the ideal is five (foreigners), but I think that the ideal point would be 7 and then, as the years go by, reduce it”, he added.

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