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Tuca Ferretti and his warning to the team of his loves: “They will not let love win and neither will I”

Ricardo Ferretti on the bench of Cruz Azul.

Photo: Alejandro Avila / Imago7

Cruz Azul has already started its new cycle with Ricardo Ferretti on the bench. The former coach of the Bravos de Juárez returned to strategic activity after being absent for a while from Liga MX. El Tuca already won his first game with La Máquina, but now he will have to face a new commitment with a lot of feeling involved. Pumas de la UNAM will challenge the experience of the Brazilian.

It is worth remembering that, in addition to Tigres de la UANL, Ricardo Ferretti had an extensive career on the bench for Los del Pedregal. Even the university team would have tempted his return to the club in recent months, but this time they would have to face each other face to face.

One is not made of wood, I spent 17 years in Pumas and there is a reciprocal affectionbut we are professionals and They are not going to let themselves win because of the love they have for me and neither am I. Both teams are going to look for the victory. I was working with Rafa a while ago and now he is with Pumas doing a good job, but the friendship that there is, as in the teams, each one goes to look for his ownFerretti said.

Cruz Azul seeks stability

After La Máquina won its first match in the Ricardo Ferretti era, Mazatlán surprised them as a visitor. Tuca’s team lost 3-1 and left many doubts in their defensive system. The Brazilian strategist is aware that the club must correct many things before aspiring to a comeback in the standings.

“No matter who it is against, losses always hurtbut I have a group that when they won did not feel like Tarzan’s mother and Now that we’ve lost, we’re not the horse’s poop. Get into the Liguilla and we don’t depend on anyone. We have to collect the most points to enter the Repechage minimum, seek to pass the phase and in the Liguilla anyone can be champion“, he explained.

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