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Try The Rule of the Minute for a week to radically transform your life

Sometimes laziness can and we begin to pile up a lot of tasks, from which we don’t even know how to get out.

Putting off chores is one of the things we are best at. But with the rule that we present to you today that will end. If you have 60 seconds, your life is going to change.

With the One Minute rule your life will change

The author of this simple rule is Gretchen Rubinwho wrote on her blog that she had tried this method for a while and that it had been a big change in her daily routine.

The One Minute Rule It consists of doing at the moment -and without excuses- all those activities that last less than a minute. That is to say, when you finish eating you have to wash the dishes that you dirty immediately instead of leaving it for later and having them pile up with the snack or dinner.

Although it may seem a bit boring, this very basic rule it will make you much more disciplinedand those who have tried it ensure that everything becomes much easier as soon as you get into the routine.


Also, with this method you will save a lot of timesince you are ordering all your things at the moment, thus avoiding the accumulation and having to spend the whole weekend ordering books, piles of clothes on the chair and cleaning everything dirty during the week. You will see a big difference in your productivity.

Another advantage of this standard is that you will lose laziness to other tasks more expensive. For example, if you have to clean out your closet, you’ll already be used to doing it almost every day, so that task will be less laborious and you’ll even face it with a better mood.

Of course, there are other rules like 15 minutes or 10 minutes, but if you want to start change your routine quickly and with little effortwe recommend this one that is much easier to do.


The success of this rule depends on yourself and the desire you put into it. But it is not the first time that a method has become famous throughout the world for its results. In fact, one of the most successful is the Konmari method, which is based on organizing clothes and making the most of your closet space. As you see, there are many ways to gain productivity in your day to day.

What do you think of this method? Tell us in the comments if you dare to try it!

ohshare it with your friends and family so they know the One Minute rule and can change their lives!

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