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Trunk-Or-Treat: Your Guide to the Tailgating Halloween Trend

This Halloween,why not skip trick-or-treating and jump on the bandwagon with Trunk-or-Treat? ¡Here’s everything you need to know about this Halloween trend that’s all the rage among kids and adults.!

Trunk-Or-Treat: Your Guide to the Tailgating Halloween Trend - 1 - September 16, 2022

¡You have to keep up no matter what festival you are celebrating! For years, trick-or-treating has been a Halloween tradition that most kids look forward to participating in. There was only one drawback:and if you are an adult who also wants to participate? If you’ve always wanted to dress up in her favorite costume and go trick-or-treating in her car,there’s a new trend in town this halloween trunk or treat!

What is Trunk-or-Treat?

Trunk-or-treat it’s an alternative to conventional trick-or-treating that involves not only kids but parents and neighbors as well. It involves a group of adults dressing up, their children, decorating their car with Halloween props, and gathering in a parking lot. ¡Here, kids can go car-hopping collecting candy while adults can enjoy each other’s company on Halloween.! It’s essentially a community-driven Halloween follow-up event where people can play Halloween games, eat Halloween-themed food, and admire Halloween-themed designs on cars.

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People take their decorations very seriously Trunk-or-treat. The SUVs they transform into pirate ships, car trunks become mini theaters, and some people even set up booby traps to scare away wary passersby.

Trunk-Or-Treat: Your Guide to the Tailgating Halloween Trend - 3 - September 16, 2022

Why has Trunk-or-Treat gained popularity?

Trunk-or-treating it’s mostly about adults joining in on the Halloween fun along with their kids. However, some parents like to keep an eye on their wards, especially the younger ones. In such situations, most parents prefer not to let their children walk around the neighborhood and knock on the doors of unknown people. So instead, they pull out their own trunk decorating ideas or treats, deck out their cars, and join in on the fun!a win for all!

How does Trunk or Treat work?

Unlike conventional trick-or-treating, Trunk-or-Treat is an event that requires a bit of planning. Usually, a family of the participants acts as the host and begins to gather volunteers a month before Halloween. Typically, the event will be held in an open-air parking lot within the area. Since most lots have limited parking spaces, spots can be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. Other logistics include contacting other parents in the neighborhood, circulating a sign-up sheet to participating children, and ensuring on-site logistics.

in the night of Trunk-or-Treat, cars are assigned places to line up, usually to form a defined area within which children can race. ¡Some car trunks can even be decorated as monster mouths, which kids will have to climb through to get their candy.! Such configurations may require several hours of planning. However, in the end,it will all be worth it! When the children arrive, they gather in groups, go car-hopping trick-or-treating and participate in Halloween games, crafts and other activities.

Trunk-Or-Treat: Your Guide to the Tailgating Halloween Trend - 5 - September 16, 2022

How can you find Trunk-or-Treat events near you?

The events of Trunk or Treat they will be published in your local newspaper or on school websites. Halloween is a community event so register at your local church, elementary school, or community center to find Trunk-or-Treat near you. However, be sure to find out if it’s a ticketed event or open to the general public. Although most Halloween tailgating events are open, some also serve as fundraisers and charity drives for worthy causes.

Ideas to decorate a trunk or a Halloween treat

The fun of tailgating on Halloween is coming up with scary trunk or treat ideas. It all comes down to how creative you can be and how extravagant your decorations are. You can even decorate your car as a tribute to popular horror movie franchises. ¡Think of Halloween, Scream or even Stranger Things ! ¡You can also experience a blast from the past with Scooby-Doo designs. !

Here are some quick Trunk-or-Treat ideas:

  • Prop a skeleton in the driver’s seat and make it look like it’s waving at people passing by.
  • Dress up as the Grim Reaper and invite the kids to take a look at your trunk of lost souls.
  • Choose a specific theme: monsters, witches, mummies, clowns and get similar themed decorations around your car.
  • Play scary ambient music on your car stereo to create the vibe you were thinking of in the theme of Jaws OR even the theme of Friday the 13th Jasons !
  • String fake spider webs around the interior of your car and place a skull on the dashboard for an ominous entrance!
  • ¡Don’t forget to show off your culinary skills! Set out candy, pumpkin pies, monster wrappers, and other Halloween eatables for kids to collect.

Tips for tailgating on Halloween

  • Keep a fog machine at the ready to give your trunk or candy setup a spooky vibe.
  • Trunk-or-treating can be stressful for adults. Make sure you have plenty of food and water for yourself and the children.
  • Wear a blanket or sweater in addition to your costume. October nights can be quite chilly!
  • Ideally, set up your trunk or treat spot with the help of a family member or neighbor. ¡Don’t do it on your own it can be scary!
  • If you’re just visiting the event without being an active participant, be sure to find parking within walking distance.

If you want to participate in a celebration of Trunk-or-Treat without going through the hassle of parking, be sure to reserve a parking spot near the event venue in advance.

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