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Trip to the Moon of the Artemis mission will be next September 3 • ENTER.CO

Due to technical problems presented in the rocket destined for the Moon of the Artemis mission, its launch had to be canceled last Monday, August 29. Since then, the body of experts has been working on it and they already have a scheduled date to launch it again: next September 3. NASA confirmed this on its official website.

It was originally planned to launch on September 2, but after determining that there is a 60% chance of bad weather on that day, they had to move it to Saturday September 3. The event will start at 2:17 pm Miami time, that is, 1:17 pm Colombia time; The rocket launch is expected to last two hours.

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The Artemis I mission is comprised of the 322-foot-tall Space Launch System (SLS) rocket; Above it is the Orion crew capsule. Inside it, precisely, the crew travels, this time three dummies that will help to know the conditions to which humans will soon be exposed. If the launch is ultimately successful, the mission will last 39 days, taking Orion to an altitude of about 4,000 kilometers. Then the spacecraft and capsule will separate and the core rocket will fall back to Earth.

The capsule is already “scheduled” to orbit the Moon for six days and land back on Earth on October 11 in the ocean. NASA hopes to be able to fully follow this plan, after fixing the failure that occurred in one of the four RS-25 engines, which did not allow it to reach the proper temperature for takeoff. If everything goes as planned by the Space Agency, man would be closer to stepping on the Moon again 50 years later. You can follow the rocket launch through the official NASA YouTube account.

Image: Pexels

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