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trip to the blue pearl of morocco

Chefchaouen is a city of alleys dyed a blue that awakens the senses. Lose yourself in this exotic destination in northern Morocco.

Morocco is a country that dresses in colors, we know that, but in Chefchaouenone of the most picturesque locations in this country located in North Africa, blue is the predominant color.

A vivid, bright blue, to which few are indifferent and which has gained a special place among travellers’ preferences.

Located in the northwest of Morocco, not far from Tétouan, the city owes its name to the place where it is nestled – between the Rife mountains –, and chef means “look” and Chaouen “horns”.

Here, the narrow streets are populated by just over 40,000 inhabitants and countless bluewashed buildings, which make the historic center stand out in the arid scenery that surrounds it and merges with the sky, usually clear.

A destination in shades of blue for all tastes

But it’s not just colors that make a destination. There is much more to discover beyond the bluewashed doors and windows in this Moroccan pearl city.

Founded in 1471 by Moulay Ali Ben Moussa Ben Rached El Alami, the city was then a humble fortified settlement that, over the centuries, grew and, due to Jewish influence, it is believed, gained the color that characterizes it today.

Currently, it is a destination much appreciated for its authenticity and where there is no shortage of spaces to relax, explore, shop and collect moments.

Chefchaouen for history lovers

To better understand the city’s roots, it’s important to go to the heart of it, the Uta el-Hammam Square, where in addition to the various restaurants, craft shops and tea houses, you can find, in a contrasting tone, the Castle.

Visit the Kasbah Museum, used by the Moors to defend the country from the Portuguese, and the Grand Mosque, or Great Mosque, with its octagonal minaret, unique in the world.

To appreciate the city and its surroundings as a whole, also pay a visit to the Spanish Mosque, built in 1920 and recently renovated.

Blue is the omnipresent color on the streets of Chefchaouen

For nature lovers

When in Chefchaouen, a half-hour drive to the Akchour waterfalls is a must for anyone looking for moments of serenity amidst nature.

The invitation suggests comfortable shoes for the route from the village to the emerald green waterfalls, a bathing suit to dive in them and a camera to record the impressive natural scenery.

For more adventurous explorers, Talassemtane National Park offers varied opportunities for trekking through the immense green landscape.

Chefchaouen for born shoppers

Morocco is world famous for the immense souks, true paradises for shoppers. Chefchaouen is no exception.

There are also several fabrics and rugs, silverware, brass teapots, leather shoes and other items that awaken the bug. shopaholic in almost all those lost in the medina.

To relax after an intense day of shopping, treat yourself to a massage in one of the hammam from the center, preferably with a view of the mountains.

chefchaouen for foodies

Hundreds of tempting spices, textures and aromas. Chefchaouen is a perfect destination for foodies.

Here, let your taste buds get lost, at least once, among the flavors of the typical tagine of Chefchaouen (a stew of fish, vegetables, spices and oil, served with couscous) and finish the meals with a mint tea, an important element of Moroccan daily life as it provides moments of sharing and captivating conversations.

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