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Trigun will have a new anime adaptation in CG • ENTER.CO

After weeks anticipating his new project, it turns out that the new Orange anime is finally a new adaptation of Trigun.

The news was shared by the studio through its social networks, in which it announced that it would work on the project hand in hand with Toho.


What is Orange?

Perhaps the most important of the news is in the selected study. Orange is a Japanese animation studio primarily focused on computer graphics. Some of its best-known productions are the adaptation of Beastars and Houseki no kuni, but the production company also has short commercials and even music videos in its history.

Do you mean that the new Trigun anime will be in CG?

Yes. It has been confirmed that the new one will be produced with computer graphics. Perhaps this is not the way many expected to see the return of the classic, but to be fair, one of the best studios in terms of CG was chosen.

Where will it be broadcast?

Crunchyroll has already confirmed that the new anime adaptation will be released and streamed simultaneously in more than 200 countries and territories around the world.

Will it be a sequel, prequel, or remake of the original anime?

We do not know. The project description only claims that it will be a new ‘original animation’. Which can be interpreted in any way. The new series is called Trigun Stampede, so one of the easiest predictions is that we’ll get an original story instead of an attempt to retell the same story as the 1998 Madhouse anime.

In any case, we will not have to wait long to resolve these doubts. Crunchyroll promised that it will have a panel during Anime Expo (the largest anime convention in the United States) on July 2 in which it will provide new details of the project.

Images: Crunchyroll

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