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Transferring photos between a Mac and an iPhone can be very easy. If you have these devices, surely you have noticed that the synchronization between the two is wonderful. All content such as photos, videos, music and documents are at hand through iCloud.

With this synchronization between devices in the Apple environment, you can take a photo with the iPhone and have it instantly on the Mac. But be careful, because this method requires a large amount of storage and, as you know, free storage has a limit in Apple . So if you don’t want to pay for the monthly subscription or you don’t have iCloud cloud storage enabled, you won’t be able to enjoy this service. So, you need to transfer the photos between Mac and iPhone manually.

First you have to know that there are several procedures that you can do to transfer photos between iPhone and Mac. The most important thing is that the advanced software of Mac makes all these photo transfer processes very simple and easy to do. Before explaining some of them, you should understand that the photos stored on the Mac can become very large. So if you have a lot of files in the Photos app, you’d better select the ones to transfer first and avoid passing the unwanted.

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Please note that if you do not select the images to transfer to the iPhone or vice versa, this may cause your storage capacity to fill up. This will also affect the performance of the operating system. So to transfer photos from Mac to iPhone, you can follow these steps:

Via iCloud

Apple’s iCloud service is one of the most efficient alternatives for managing content from one device to another. Especially if it is a large number of photos. To pass the photos you must do the following:

1. You will need to access the Settings app on your iPhone.

two. Then go to the Photos section.

3. There you must activate the option “Photos in iCloud”.

Also, you can access Settings > Your name > iCloud > Photos to turn on syncing photos to other devices through the cloud with iCloud Photos. This makes it easier to keep the photos on both devices. For that you must:

Four. Open the Photos app on your Mac.

5. Select the “Photos > Preferences” option in the menu bar.

6. Access the iCloud tab.

7. Make sure iCloud Photos is turned on.

Image: Jeremy Bezanger on Unsplash

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