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Tricks to know someone’s sign and discover if they are compatible

Astrology is a tool that helps us discover how compatible we are with other people in love based on our planetary personality. Although the horoscope has increased in popularity, not all people feel comfortable talking about their natal charts or birth data, that’s why we offer you some expert tricks to find out the sign of someone you are interested in without asking them directly.

The elements of the natal chart that can reveal a lot of information about a person about their way of loving and expressing themselves in a relationship are their sun sign, ascendant and moon, for which, it is necessary to know their date of birth, including the year, as well as where they were born and the approximate time they saw the light of Earth for the first time.

According to an expert-written article at AskAstrology.com, here are 4 easy tips for discovering the sign of the person you’re interested in.

ask directly

The first advice may sound obvious, but it is the most natural. All people, whether they are followers of astrology or not, have heard of the zodiac signs. As well as being a great icebreaker, asking someone directly for their birth details is not an invasion of privacy when done for this purpose. It’s something fun that can help you start a good conversation.

Research your social networks

Today it is very casual to become “friends” on Facebook. His date of birth will be somewhere in his profile, or if it isn’t, it’s enough to search his “feed” when he celebrated one of his birthdays to have an approximate day on the calendar. However, you should keep in mind that to get your rising sign, which is calculated with the time and city of birth, you will have to use other methods.

use reverse psychology

According to astrology experts, women are more open to finding out about zodiac signs than men, so using reverse psychology with a male partner can be very helpful. Let them know that you like astrology and they will automatically start asking why. In case you don’t believe her, it will be an opportunity to ask her birth information and give her a little demonstration.

Ask if they like day or night better

According to astrological experts, there is a relationship between our taste for morning or evening activities and the time of our birth. That is, if your best time is in the morning, you were probably born in the day, if you prefer night activities, maybe you were born at night. In this sense, just asking if he is a morning or afternoon person can reveal something about it.

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