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Trendy Chevron wallpapers 2017

You Chevron wallpapers trends 2017, definitely conquered space in Brazilian homes. After being very successful in Europe, the material arrived in Brazil with the aim of making rooms elegant and with a contemporary look.

Double bedroom decorated with chevron wallpaper. (Photo: Reproduction/Room-decorating-ideas)

Chevron, which in French means “herringbone”, is a pattern that was first successful in the fashion world and later invaded the interior design area. The print began to be used by the Italian brand Missoni in 1950 and later became an inspiration for decorating environments.

Decoration with Chevron is responsible for making the layout of the environment more charming and striking. The print can be enhanced in the room through rugs, curtains, pillows, pictures, furniture, bedding and, of course, wallpaper.

Kitchen decorated with chevron wallpaper.  (Photo: Playback/Runecraft)

Kitchen decorated with chevron wallpaper. (Photo: Playback/Runecraft)

Chevron wallpaper is the new trend of the moment. It can be applied in the living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and any other room in the house. The pattern’s main characteristic is the combination of two colors and the zigzag lines, which resemble a lying “V”.

What this article covers:

Trendy Chevron wallpapers 2017

If you want to make the room elegant and modern, then it is worth decorating the walls with Chevron. Here are some trends and tips:

gray chevron wallpaper

Baby's room.  (Photo: Reproduction/ Thewallstickercompany)

Baby’s room. (Photo: Reproduction/ Thewallstickercompany)

Chevron wallpaper, in gray, is a neutral model that can be used to decorate different spaces. The light shade of gray, for example, combines with white and yellow or white and blue. As the wall will have a neutral look, bet on colorful furniture and accessories.

black chevron wallpaper

Black chevron wallpaper.  (Photo: Reproduction / Wanelo)

Black chevron wallpaper. (Photo: Reproduction / Wanelo)

Another neutral option for home decor is black zigzag chevron wallpaper. The result of the decoration is modern and, at the same time, retro. Apply the finish only to one wall in the room, so as not to make it cloying for the eyes.

yellow chevron wallpaper

Yellow wallpaper.  (Photo: Reproduction/ Indulgy)

Yellow wallpaper. (Photo: Reproduction/ Indulgy)

The light yellow chevron is very successful in more intimate environments, such as the bedroom. It is relaxing, subtle, modern and smooth. You can even use this print to decorate the walls of the baby’s room.

blue chevron wallpaper

Blue and gray wallpaper.  (Photo: Reproduction/ Decoist)

Blue and gray wallpaper. (Photo: Reproduction/ Decoist)

The blue chevron wallpaper is easy to combine and capable of innovating the decor of any corner of the house. Light blue tones are indicated for the bedroom, as they have a calming effect. The navy blue tones add elegance and sobriety to the living room.

Where to buy?

You Chevron wallpapers trends 2017 are turning into the fever of the season. You can find them for sale in specialized decoration stores and also on the internet. Visit website Decoratons.com.br and meet some amazing models.

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