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Traveling with the Perfect Suitcase: 158 cm Linear!

What happens if my suitcase exceeds 158 linear cm?

If your suitcase or hold baggage is larger than the airline’s limit measurements, you will not be allowed to check in and load the baggage in the aircraft’s holds. As a general rule, it is not a case of the suitcase, since the manufacturers have the standard measurements listed.

What is baggage 158?

Checked Baggage: A maximum of 62 linear inches (length + width + height; 158 cm) including handles and wheels and a maximum weight of 40 pounds (18.1 kg).

How are linear meters measured in a suitcase?

The size is measured height x film x width including the wheels, handles or handles. To measure a suitcase, it is necessary that we have it supported on a smooth surface: The height is measured by quartering from the base to the highest part of the suitcase, generally up to the upper handle or even to the handle when it is collected.

What is the measurement of a 23 kilo suitcase?

As a general general rule, airlines follow a standard that indicates that you can dispatch a large suitcase that weighs 23K (maximum), and with maximum dimensions of 158 cm high, 158 cm wide and 158 cm long.

What happens if my suitcase measures more than 158 cm?

What are the maximum baggage measurements to check in? Although we are not creating it, the bags that we are going to check in also have maximum dimensions. In general, airlines do not make it possible to check in luggage that exceeds 158 centimeters by adding the three dimensions (height, width and film).

What happens if my suitcase measures a few centimeters more?

What happens if my suitcase turns out to be much bigger? If your suitcase exceeds the measurements accepted by the company with which you are going to fly, it may happen that you have no choice but to check it in at the airport and they will charge you the corresponding fee (generally more expensive than online check-in).

What happens if my checked bag is bigger?

If your baggage exceeds the weight and size limits, you will also have to pay an auxiliary service charge. As for more information, visit our own page on checked baggage.

What are the measurements of a 20 kg suitcase?

How are linear meters measured in a suitcase?
In many cases, the maximum weight for checked bags is 20 kg and you must be careful not to exceed it. A medium suitcase with dimensions of 69 x 48 x 29 cm, a height of 69 cm and a volume between 75-90 liters, usually corresponds to an approximate weight of 20 kg.

How big is a 25kg suitcase?

What is the measurement of a 23 kilo suitcase?
25 kg suitcases usually have a height greater than 75 cm and a volume of between 100 and 120 liters. But be aware that the wheels are already included in the total height; and, they measure on horseback between 6 and 8 cm.

How many inches does a 23 kilo suitcase have?

Travel Suitcase 23 Kilos/ 28 Inches / Suitcase for Winery | Interest-free fees.

What size is a 24 kg suitcase?

What is the measurement of a 23 kilo suitcase?
Medium Suitcase (24″) DELTA – 67Cm
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