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Transparencies in wedding decor

Marriage is a remarkable and transforming episode in the lives of two people who love each other. To convey the idea of ​​romance and commitment, the ceremony and party need to be impeccably decorated.

The transparency makes the wedding decoration softer and lighter. (Photo: Disclosure)

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Wedding decor typically involves several factors, such as location, time, style, and budget. Based on these items, the bride and groom choose the flowers, fabrics, dishes and colors.

Each season brings new trends for wedding decor. A novelty for this year is the use of transparencies, which promises to increase the lightness and contemporaneity of the event.

What this article covers:

Use of transparency in marriage

At first, transparency invaded the bride’s look, leaving the dress with modern and sensual details. Afterwards, this type of finish influenced the making of invitations, making the pieces more delicate and romantic.

the invasion of transparency in wedding decor has aroused the interest of brides, especially the most modern ones. By properly working with the elements in the aesthetic, it is possible to create a luxurious and elegant atmosphere.

Transparent objects are elegant and sophisticated. (Photo: Disclosure)

the use of transparent material in decoration it is favorable in many respects. It helps to create a sense of spaciousness, increases the clarity of the environment and makes the composition cleaner. Transparency also has the advantage of matching all kinds of colors and materials.

Tips for using transparency in wedding decor

Check out some ideas below to explore the transparent effect in wedding decoration🇧🇷

• A way to leave the party wedding with charming decor and original is betting on the transparent chairs. The pieces are usually colorless and made of acrylic;

• At transparent chairs they can also accommodate guests at a non-civil ceremony;

• In marriage, the details make all the difference. Therefore, it is worth betting on transparent objects to decorate the tables. Materials such as glass, crystal, plastic, acrylic and fabric can be explored in the decoration;

Chairs and transparent ornaments. (Photo: Disclosure)

• Floral arrangements with transparent vases make the wedding decor more sophisticated;

•Transparency is a feature that makes lamps and candle holders stand out;

• Guest tables become more refined when they are decorated with transparent bowls;

• The jelly jars and the transparent bottles can be recycled and turned into decorations for the wedding;

• Transparency even matches the aesthetics of a beach wedding.

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