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Transformers kids party decor

Children’s birthday parties ask for themes that match the children and if they are a little older, you can ask them about their favorite characters, drawings and stories to decorate the party according to what they want. For boys, the Transformers kids party theme has attracted attention and been chosen to stamp decorations on the day of the celebration.

Buy colorful balloons and use posters to cover the walls.

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Transformers kids party decor

to perfect the Transformers kids party decor The first step is to make the invitations with the theme. You can find them ready-made at party supply stores or even ask for the invitations to be personalized with a photo of the child in a setting that mimics the movie. Afterwards, confirm the place where the party will be held, since the decorations will vary according to the space you have to assemble panels, cake tables and place dolls and toys.

When you already know if the party will be held at your home or in a ballroom, start planning where panels and objects can be placed to decorate the birthday. Buy colorful balloons in shades of red, blue, yellow, green and black and place posters with characters from the cartoon on the wall behind the table with the cake. This last item is also worth highlighting in the Transformers kids party decorating tips🇧🇷

Transformers cake (Photo: publicity)

You can order a cake in the shape of a car, or with a fondant robot on top. In the end of Transformers kids party, distribute the souvenirs, and if possible, give a toy car to each child along with the sweets. If your child prefers other designs, it’s worth checking out how to decorate with a Cars or Trash Pack theme.

Transformers children’s party (Photo: publicity)

Learn more about Transformers

You Transformers are a cartoon series created in 1984 and produced by Americans and Japanese. The cartoon had several sequels and hit theaters in 2007 directed by Michael Bay and executive produced by Steven Spielberg. The feature film brings the story of alien Transformers robots that are able to self-modify by transforming themselves into automobiles. The robots divided between the Autobots and the Decepticons and arrived on Earth after the ‘All Spark’ cube that was capable of creating life fell on the planet. The story had its continuation in cinema in 2009 and conquered a wide audience made up of both children and adults.

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