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Trailer hitch installation price – in 2022

A trailer hitch will give a car, truck, and even a van the ability to haul or tow anything from a small tow up to something as big as a fifth wheel RV.

If your current car, truck, or SUV doesn’t have a hitch, many cars and trucks can usually have one configured as an aftermarket part.

The price to install a hitch will depend on the type of hitch, the make and model of the car, and the company that performs the task.

How much does a trailer hitch installation cost?

As usual, many experts will charge between €250 and €750 or more to expertly set up the hitch. Outside of the parts, most specialists will charge between €100 and €400 to install a hitch, depending largely on the make and model of your car. When it’s done at a car dealership, it can cost a lot more, often up to €1,300. According to an Odyclub.com, 2 members noted that they got quotes of €1,100 and €1,600.

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Uhaul, for example, can set up trailer hitches on any make and model of car. They’ll include parts, circuitry, and even a service guarantee on the final bill. Prices will differ significantly depending on the make and design of the vehicle, however from what we were able to gather it appears that most cars and trucks can have a hitch fitted for between €200 and €350. For example, a Toyota Corolla 2009 would cost €230 for the full job, however, others, as you’ll see in our table below, could cost much more.

If you were to install it yourself, you should consider purchasing the following parts: hitch receiver, ball mount, hitch balls, pin and clip, and electrical wiring. A hitch receiver, depending on the weight limit and part, can cost between €125 and €325while installing a ball will be in the price range of €20 to €40, depending on drop and length. Finally, most hitch balls will be priced from €10 to €20, pin and clips will be priced from $3 to $6, and track kits, depending on make and model, they will be from €50 to €75. To install it yourself, it will cost you around €200 to €250 in parts.

car make/model

Price (parts + installation)

Acura TSX


audi q4


bmw x5


chrysler town and country


Honda CR-V


slingshot odyssey


subaru outback


toyota rav4


volkswagen touareg


Trailer Hitch Installation Details

Typically, customers can choose from 3 hitch types: a basic catcher ball, fifth wheel, or gooseneck. The basic catcher ball will install in the rear of the car, while a fifth wheel/gooseneck will install inside the bed of a pickup truck. The difference between 5th wheel and gooseneck, however, will depend on the connection. A fifth wheel will use a king pin connection, while the gooseneck will use the receiver ball type connection. Both connections allow you to tow additional weight with greater control and stability than a basic catcher ball.

There are 5 classes for a hitch, all of which are based on the cumulative weight being pulled, the type of catcher being used, and the weight of safety chain required. A Class I can tow approximately 2,000 poundswhile one Class V can tow close to 12,000 pounds. In addition to Uhaul, local muffler shops and numerous independent mechanics will have the ability to set up the hitch for you.

Any additional expense to expect?

A trailer hitch lock is highly recommended to serve as an extra layer of security to prevent theft. These locks can cost between €10 and €25.

Any advice you should know?

Each hitch kit can fit a different make and design, so it’s important to know which set will fit your particular car. If it is not designed for your car make and model, you may have some problems or cause damage to your vehicle. If you don’t know what type of hitch you’ll need, consider using Amazon’s online search engine.

You should always know how far your vehicle can be towed before towing anything. If your car, SUV or truck is not capable of pulling the necessary amount of weight, you may learn that you can do a lot more damage than you think. You can usually see the amount of weight, also known as Tongue Weight and Gross Trailer Weight, that you can tow on the vehicle’s official site or within the vehicle manual.

Is there a way to save some money?

This is a fairly simple task that only takes less than an hour. Consider trying to install it yourself before calling a shop or mechanic. Many kits will come equipped with detailed instructions that are really easy to understand and follow.

You should try to avoid local dealers and all prices and consider going to a local mechanic or to a place in Uhaul. From what we were able to find online, many car dealers will charge a lot more than a local place like U-haul.

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