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Traffic light price – in 2022

Traffic lights are electrically operated traffic control devices that manage traffic by signaling when to move and when to stop.

These devices are considered a practical way of controlling traffic, offering the optimum level of control, especially at junctions.

How much does a traffic light system cost?

Purchasing a traffic control system for individual use can range in price from $90 to more than $300, with costs depending on the type of signal and where it is purchased. Most of the time, these are newer traffic control systems and won’t look like the ones you see on the road. Even if you have the ability to buy one that you see on the road, it won’t have the ability to run on a timer; rather, a mini circuit will be wired inside to make the series of lights rotate as they would on the road.

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If you are thinking of the expenses that the federal government must bear, these can ben range from just €80,000 to more than €500,000 to acquire and install the traffic control system. When you include regular maintenance and electricity prices, this can be an additional €5,000 to €10,000 per year.

According to the Arizona Department of Transportation, the installation of a traffic light system high technology can cost between €80,000 and €100,000, according to the complexity of the place and the characteristics of the traffic in the place.

According to the city of Woodbury, Minnesota, a complete traffic signal system for a basic intersection of four-way will cost around €250,000 to €300,000. Other prices, such as inspection and design work, can make the expense increase even more, to almost €300,000.

When it comes to just the traffic light system, not taking into account any setup expense, the traffic light controller can only cost around €9,500. The 16 traffic lights can cost a total of €13,500.

What are the additional expenses?

electricity bills they can reach €1,500 a year per traffic light.

In addition to the electrical expense, regular maintenance it can cost around $8,000 a year.

The utility of the traffic system

For the communities, the expense of complete traffic light systems for all pedestrian crossings is understandable, because you have to know that you can count on the green light and pass without risk.

On the other hand, for an individual, it doesn’t make sense to get a full hi-tech traffic control system, because there won’t be a real need for one. A smaller, simpler model that will cost no more than €300 would usually be enough to have near a private car park. If you’re buying a traffic light system just for fun, remember that you’ll need to be prepared for installation prices and ongoing electrical bills for the system.

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