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Track and modify objects in videos with Sensarea for Windows

Sensarea is a specialized video editor for the Windows operating system that allows you to track and manipulate objects in videos.

This can be useful for video creators who want to hide objects in a video they’ve captured, blur text or faces, or manipulate objects in other ways.

The app needs to be installed and it suggests c:root for that. If you don’t want to, choose another directory before continuing.

It also recommends Microsoft Pack during installation as it is required for some configurations according to the message. If you want to be safe, accept the prompt to install the components as well.

The editor itself is divided into four panels, starting with the layer and timebar at the top, and the object preview and editing panel at the bottom of the window.


Videos are uploaded via drag and drop or via the file menu. The program supports a wide variety of formats, including flv, avi, mp4, mov, and mpg.

The editor analyzes the selected video, which may take some time depending on several factors, including its length and format.

You can then play the video immediately to view it in the interface or use the tools provided by Sensarea to mark objects on the video.

Most tools give you the means to mark specific areas, for example by drawing a rectangle around them, using a brush to mark them, marking contrasting regions, or using vectors.

Most of the tools come with customization options, for example to change zoom levels or brush size.

Once you’ve made a selection, you can decide to follow it in the video or part of it, or not follow it at all. Once you select the multitrack option, the editor will start tracking the selected object in all frames (until you stop the process or the video ends).

video editor trackers

It does a good job, but not perfect, at least not in the videos I tried it with. However, that’s not a problem, as you can post-process the automatic detection for better results.

A switch to the effects tab in the object editing panel shows 17 different effects that you can apply to the selected area.

In addition to hiding and blurring the selection, you can also zoom in or out, apply a cartoon-style effect to it, or add text to it.

Export options are provided in the file menu to save processed videos to the local system. The output format is always avi if you select export, but it is also possible to export the processed video as a swf file.

Sensarea supports images on top of that. You can load single images or image sequences into the program for similar processing.

Advanced features are also supported, such as layers, which you may find useful.

closing words

Sensarea is an easy-to-use video editor that takes care of most of the heavy lifting when it comes to editing objects in videos or image sequences. Since it tracks selected objects in videos and image sequences automatically,

Typically, automatic object detection needs to be post-processed to remove noise or adjust frame-by-frame effects. While that takes time, it’s still much faster than manually processing videos frame by frame.

The results are impressive (you’ll find additional output samples on the author’s home page) and the only drawback is that avi is the only output format supported by the program.

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