There are people who get so desperate for not finding a partner, that they are capable of turning a saint upside down. But, there are also those who learn to love their singleness, because that is where they discover their independence, that desire to improve themselves and blow up their entrepreneurial side. I mean those who got tired of the drama, are no longer willing to beg for love, because they have found their own. East top of the signs that thrive best when single. They decided to hide their tears and let fate put them where they belong.

1.- Capricorn

If there’s one thing you’ve gotten used to, it’s that people are always going to talk and the truth is that you don’t have time to deal with their negativity.. Loves hurt you, but you are not one of those who throws themselves on the ground for a long time. Capri, your to-do list is too long to stop for someone you don’t love enough. You better invest that stubbornness in fulfilling your dreams.

2.- Virgo

A point in your favor is that you always listen to your logical part, no matter how in love you feel. Virgoyou are a sign that seeks stability above all else and you are very clear that there are those who are emotional vampires. If someone does not meet your standards, it is better that they disappear, you will not be stuck for the person that fills you more with tears than with smiles. It’s a thousand times better to stay with you than with someone like that.

3.- Aquarium

Oftentimes, you have to deal with being single, because you’re not one to waste your time with loves that don’t tickle your fancy. Your mind is too powerful to settle for someone who doesn’t inspire you intellectually.. Aquarium, you worry about meeting your goals, not about pleasing someone who doesn’t even love himself. You’re not here to raise anyone, you’ve already been through that.

4.- Aries

It is horrible to live with that feeling that the person who is your partner does not make you feel complete, on the contrary, it causes you anguish and discomfort. Ariesit is undeniable that you are intense, you do not want to have to pretend that you do not feel, because when you fall in love your emotions slide like crazy as if they were on a roller coaster. However, when you do not receive the same, you better put an end point.

5.- Gemini

You are the type of sign that does not fall in love with what the rest is satisfied with, you want much more than what you see on the outside. You are surrounded by good companies, those that converse with the mind and the heart, but at the same time impose. You bet on qualities that make you wonder about everything and anything. However, you are not going to stay where they honor the tension, you want peace and explore the world, because you run away from stress.

6.- Pisces

You may be a crazy romantic, but that does not mean that you are going to allow your ear to be sweetened with kindness, you need much more than that to let your heart do its thing. You are compassionate, but also impulsive and that has led you to choose the wrong way. However, you open your eyes before falling into the void and that is when you prefer to be alone than in bad company.

7.- Sagittarius

You like to know that your soul is distinguished in the midst of the crowd, despite the negativity in the environment, you do not allow yourself to fall into their game. For them to turn you off they need to try too hard because everything slips from you. So being single is the least scary thing for you. You are optimistic, interesting and funny. You know that sooner or later the person will arrive, you are not going to look for him.

8.- Libra

Usually, you are the sign that gives everything to maintain balance, but that is not a justification for staying in a relationship that does not vibrate your soul. It is not always that they do not love you, there are times that they give you everything, but something inside prevents you from giving yourself, because you are the one who does not fall completely in love. Then it is better to finish, before the other person gets more hurt.

9.- Scorpio

Relationships steal a lot of your attention, but they’re not everything. For someone to turn you on, you need much more than just attraction. You know that building something beautiful requires friendship, understanding and a lot of patience. You don’t want to stay with someone who causes you mistrust, every time he plays the ghost appearing and disappearing. That kind of love makes you lazy.

10. Leo

Your generosity is one of the reasons why you are very tolerant of mediocre love. And it is that you have the hope that everything will be fine, that your feelings are enough for the relationship to work, but it is sad when you realize that it is not. The separation may hurt, but it won’t last forever. It is loneliness that makes you analyze everything.

11.- Taurus

You can be the most opinionated person on this list and you honestly don’t mind convincing anyone otherwise. You are the type of partner who will not let their guard down to be with someone who does not respect you. You have learned that the best gift you can give yourself is loving yourself, listening to your wishes and working very hard for your dreams. If someone decides to accompany you, that’s welcome, but if not, that’s fine.

12.- Cancer

Sometimes, you worry too much about others and when it comes to your partner, things get worse. You are very dedicated, compassionate and you add that touch of tenderness to everything. Nevertheless, You’re not going to waste your emotions on someone who doesn’t even know what it’s like to commit. Really, you prefer to let go, no matter how much in love you are.

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