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‘Top Gun: Maverick’: Artificial intelligence allowed Val Kilmer to speak again

36 years later, the sequel to “Top Gun” has finally hit theaters and has been a huge hit at the box office around the world. With an atmosphere of nostalgia, one of the returns is the character Tom “Iceman” Kazansky, played by actor Val Kilmer.

However, the character’s return was only possible thanks to the technological aid of an artificial intelligence, since Val Kilmer has been suffering for a few years with throat cancer. This condition does not allow the actor to speak, especially at the volume necessary to capture sound.


impressive technical feat

In an interview with Page Six, the artist’s daughter, Mercedes Kilmer, gave several details about how a simulacrum of her father’s voice was placed in the film: “They managed to dub him with their own voice, which is amazing,” said the young. According to her, this is an impressive technical feat.

The technology that allowed moviegoers to hear Val Kilmer’s voice was developed by the company Sonantic and took some time to develop. During the project, the actor worked together with the company to train the artificial intelligence so that it would be able to capture the smallest details of his way of speaking.

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